Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Aliens Must Die!

Bit of an odd title for a watercolour post isn't it?

But, as my title says, its a journey with watercolour and my dog :)

This post is about Missy and our great joy over her annual check.

To celebrate the good news, we bought a new toy for Missy - an Alien!
She's a jack - you never thought the Alien would live, did you?

Such joy on her face when she de-stuffs him!


  1. yay, missy!!!

    that's *great* news about her all-clear result, congrats. xx

  2. thanks - we really are over the moon with the result - she's such a special girl :)

  3. I am so glad that she will be around a long time to save our planet!

  4. Oh that is so cute to see. Poor alien :)

  5. LOL!! Poor alien!! She is SUCH a cute dog though. Aussie is just as wild! (if you remember she is half Jack half Australian Shepard).


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