Thursday, 19 August 2010

Tidy Up - and Great News!

Am I tidying up my new summerhouse?


Though little Missy surely wishes I needed to.. because she was the object of my tidying session.

My little girl is very fearful of the groomers, so we have taught her to be reasonably comfortable about us doing the necessary!

And here is the tidied up version of darling Missy!

The Great News:

Annual check: Missy behaved perfectly (that's routine now, but the vet always remarks on it) not a squeak for the jab..put on 0.2lb and NO sign of cancer regrowth.

Vet "hard to believe she's 12 and a half, she's so sparky" :)


  1. ...and long may she continue to sparkle!

  2. OK you can tidy her but dontcha mess with my girl's eyebrows ok! :o)

  3. Sparkley clean with a sparky personality!


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