Saturday, 21 August 2010

Stage Two

After the first background was was left to dry, the paper was completely wet again and a second set of washes laid down.

These also had to be left to dry.
This painting technique needs a great deal of patience - or a pile of ironing!

This is one of my "secrets"
Between very wet washes that need to be bone dry before you paint again, I go off and iron at least four garments.
That way when I return, my painting is ready for the next stage!

Feel free to use that technique :lol:


  1. lmao at the ironing!!

    genius, pure genius. lol

  2. Glad it made you laugh hon xx

  3. pat i would try that but lesley wont let me near the ironing she say there is more creases when im done than there was before

  4. :lol: Bob.
    Perhaps you'll have to groom the dogs instead :)

  5. I hope that Jerry doesn't read this. He'll make me start a new hobby!

  6. Of course Jerry will read it - doesn't he always read my blog? :lol:

    Mollie, you crease me up! :)

  7. No wonder you post so certainly know how to fill every minute and manage your time:-)

  8. At least the ironing gets done!


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