Saturday, 19 November 2011


Shadows - they make or break a painting.
After I posted yesterday's Auntie painting, my good friends over at Painting Friends suggested I increase the shadow from the small amount under the carrot I had, to a more "anchoring" shadow as some felt the colander was floating.

So I have and here's the updated version.Would love to know what you think .


  1. I don't know anything except it's fantastic. I can't believe how the colander looks...Not a lot of finesse in the word .. Wow! but it's all I can say.. BJ

  2. Pat, it works either way, with or without the cast shadow from the colander. My thought is if you are going to have a cast shadow from the colander then there would be one cast by the pomegrante?? I'm curious as to which way you prefer?

  3. I had a good look at both paintings and I have to say I like the first version better (I hope you don't mind). First, sometimes the shadows are behind the objects so you don't see much of them. Second, I like the small triangle of violet between the objects, it separates them. In the second version that is lost.
    You could have made a soft reflection in the violet surface, as I have done in my painting. Sorry for the long answer, it is only my opinion! :) xx

  4. I think you did an exceptional job of the colander, I have battled a painting of a colander and found it so trying, I think the shadowing is perfect, this is lovely

  5. Thanks, BJ and Laurie. xx

    Ann, there is a cast shadow from the red onion , if you look at teh shadow you see the curve there that indicates onion first, then colander - as if the sun was coming from between 5 and 6 on the clock. I personally prefer the one with the shadow. :)

    Judy, I don't mind at all.. everything in art is subjective. Just that the suggestion at PF hit a note with me, else I would never change it. I do have the confidence to say no :)
    If the shadows had been directly behind, then my white highlights were in the wrong place, so there was some shadow, but not much. Also the light couldn't have got into the triangle - and when the rest of the painting is realistic, I should follow through.

    For me to do a softer reflection like yours, the whole painting should be in a more loose, realistic abstract style. I can paint like that, but I haven't in this painting. So for continuity, I kept it as the rest. Hope I've explained that ok.. but those are why I did it the way I did. xx

  6. I loved both paintings Pat. I just think what you do is brilliant! I love that colander with the reflection!
    Thank you for your comments Pat. Means a lot to me.
    Hugs June xx

  7. I like both the versions. The colander is great..May be I would have let the colors from the carrot or the pomegranate seep through to the platform a bit. Lost and found edges type...

  8. Good morning, Pat! I didn't notice the "floating effect" in the first one (apparently I'm not as observant as your other buddies:)), but I have to say I like the second version best. I like the way you darkened the existing shadow under the colander and I like the lavender shadow you added at the side. Beautiful!

  9. Pat, I understand and I agree with you. It is a beautiful painting and the way you painted the colander is brilliant. So don't change a thing! xx

  10. I can see what they meant by 'floating',but I must admit I feel the same way as Judy, I prefer the first version, I think it is lighter, but either way they are both gorgeous! xox

  11. A mí me gusta más la segunda versión, creo que las sombras destacan aún más el magnífico trabajo del colador.
    Un saludo

  12. querida pat,pensè al verlo que era una fotografia,està muy natural,felicidades,te superas dia a dia.un beso.conchi.

  13. I like the updated one better. It just makes the whole picture stand out more to me. Beautiful job you did.

  14. Not knowing anything about painting I never noticed in your last post. I brought up the last post and did a side by side comparison and there definitely is a big difference..

  15. An excellent job Pat and yes I think the latest one sits better. The colander is more anchored.

    Wonderful job. It definitely looks metallic. 11 out of 10 LOL

  16. Hi Pat, having said that your colander is really beautiful, I have also to say that I agree with your friend. In my opinion the light, and therefore, the shadows are the element that gives the life to a watercolor. In this case I would have done the shadow even longer than that you did. But as Judy said, everything in art is subjective. So, if for you is OK as it is now, it's OK! Have a good sunday! Ciaooo!

  17. June, thank you so much xx

    Prabal, thanks for the comment. I would have done that if I was painting like Judy's scrumptious teapot and pears, but not so much for a realistic subject. Now I'll have to do a very loose one, so you can see I do agree, but not for this painting :) xx

    Thanks, Candy, for taking the time to look and consider and for telling me exactly why you like it. I do appreciate that honesty. *hugs* xx

    BNS, thank you xx

  18. Judy, thanks for understanding my reasoning. Prabal mentioned some lost edges, so between the two of you I am tempted to do another, but in the more realistic abstract style of my painting The Gift :) xx

    Jane, that's fine. Everyone has a preference. My husband preferred the first too. Just the lack of shadow did bug me, or I wouldn't change it. :) xx

    Thanks, Juan. I think they emphasise the colander more, also xx

  19. Thanks, Conchi. Glad you think its so realistic . *hugs* xx

    Thanks, Willow. Does the same for me too xx

    Thanks Ann. Funny how a shadow makes such a difference, isn't it? xx

    Thanks Dors! 11 out of 10, I'm very happy. I too think the whole looks more anchored now. xx

    Wow Tito - even more shadow! You would make me braver still were I sitting next to you. Thank you for the comment and for being so kind xx

  20. Hello Pat
    It has become beautiful. The style, colors, and particularly the brightening and reflections are fantastic.
    Elsbeth xx

  21. I love this, especially the shiny colander!


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