Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Alphabet Paintings - Y

On the final straight now for the alphabet series!
This is my Y painting.............

Yeoman Warder

15" x 11"
Arches 140 Rough
WN artist's quality paint.

Like all of my paintings, it will have a permanent home on my gallery site, HERE


  1. A wonderful painting for the letter Y, Pat! I love the little sketch in the background! Now what will the Z painting be......?

  2. Hi, Pat,
    Good work!! I'm really enjoying your challenge. Thank you for sharing.
    Cheers, Sadami

  3. Congrats! Almost there Pat! Very nice, love his shadow and the castle in the back.

  4. Nice one for 'Y' Pat, love the addition of the raven.

  5. Where is your "X" painting? Do I miss anything?

  6. Pat, it is the perfect "Y" painting!

  7. Pat, te deseo el mayor éxito en tu nueva serie del alfabeto! Yeoman Warder es muy buena acuarela!!! Un abrazo.

  8. This reminds me of where I went last week! We saw a man dressed exactly like this wandering through the streets! A perfect 'Y'! :0)

  9. A lovely painting of a Yeoman Pat, and the Raven is a great touch. When in Yorkshire a couple of years ago we met one of the Queens Keepers of the Ravens and was quite amazed to learn that there was such a thing today. The Tower of London in the distant background is a nice touch to. A very nice painting. ;-)

  10. Hallo Pat:) Love your painting. The black and the red look so nice. The black raven is great!
    You're almost on the end of the alfabet. Do you start al over again?

  11. Thanks, everyone. Glad you all liked the Yeoman Warder. I was once a guest of the warders, and saw the ceremony of the keys from inside the Tower. Its a wonderful place, full of history.

    I shall be quite sad when the Z painting is finished, the Alphabet Series have kept me company for a long time :)
    Will have to think of something else now :) xx

  12. Love the contrast of the details of the uniform and the soft sketch in the background! Nice!

  13. Love this painting Pat, your almost at the end of this journey and you've done it all with your artistic talent.
    thanks for always coming by and your kind words.. BJ

  14. Very interesting personage, Pat! I like the crow also and the shadow.
    Wish you a happy sunday, xx

  15. Ciao, very nice for Y...it is suggestive!
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana


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