Monday, 14 May 2012

Out and About

Good morning all!
We had a beautiful day yesterday so we all went over to Belhus Woods.
See HERE for information on the woods.

Over at Painting Friends (here) we've got an "Out and About" group who in the clement weather go off and sketch their local area. I've joined up for it :)

I took my trusty backpack, the frame of which converts to a seat, with my sketching kit and doggy necessities in it.

Then I sat and quickly sketched a few pieces at varying points in the walk.
Its ages since I sketched outside (not counting my back garden!) and I did feel a frisson of nervousness. Hence why the sketches were my quick scribbly style. I shall have to go out more often, until it becomes second nature again.
Thankfully, the weather looks set to co-operate!

I'm wondering too, if many of you go out and about sketching or painting?
Do you take someone (or some dog) with you? Are you part of a sketching group, or are you a solitary soul?


  1. Lovely sketches Pat! What a beautiful area, I just had a look! Years ago I joined a plein air painting group and enjoyed it a lot. But I would feel nervous too on my own (so I have never done it).

  2. Hi Pat, nice to see someone else goes 'out there'. Hadn't found the 'Out and About' group in PF, but will take a look (if I can find it!)lol....I do enjoy PF although I have to admit it is very difficult to track things down with so many sections to it and sections within sections, but perhaps it is just me (doh)!

  3. I'm glad you did have a look, Judy. Its a beautiful place where I live :)
    Do you not belong to the plein aire group any more? xx

    Ann, it takes a little while to get used to, but that will come.
    The Out and About group are in the "Join Us" section, where all the challenges are.
    The main thing is Watercolour goes in the WC section, Acrylics in the AC section and so on... and then challenges in the Join Us :)
    Coffee shop is for chatting , which is why its always so busy , we yak a lot :lol:

  4. Excellent stuff, Pat - I hope you get out to do nore sketching too and the slight nerves will soon go :)
    I'm a bit late starting my sketch/dog walks this year - recovering from my op and the last five weeks of rain have been the main reasons! I hope to start getting out there again in the next couple of weeks.

  5. To answer your question: No, sadly the plein air group does not exist anymore. It started with an ad by a wc artist in the local paper to find likeminded people, and we were a very diverse group of amateur artists.

  6. Hola Pat. Me gusta mucho la sillita y el kit de sketching, necesito uno así. Tengo pensado relaizar alguna salida para pintar y el kit es genial. Ya mostrare en mi blog mis dibujos. Me gustan tus dibujos a tinta ¿con el tiempo añadirás acuarelas? Un abrazo :)

  7. Pat, what a nice way to spend time.
    Out and About, yes! I too am guilty of not enough sketching out doors (or in) .. BJ

  8. love seeing your sketches, sounds like a wonderful time with your Out and About group

  9. Hola Pat,cuanto tiempo sin pasar por aquí.
    Pues yo la verdad es que prefiero la compañia a ratos.
    Aveces es mejor estar sola,la inspiración me llega y no puedo parar a si es que también dejo de hablar jejeje.
    Felicidades por tus trabajos y feliz semana.

  10. I like the scribbly style! They're the best type! These are great sketches :0)
    Like you I have never been particularly comfortable with sketching in public. But if I do, I think I am better on my own because I am always worried about holding other people up!

  11. If I could sketch like that I would most definitely give it a go but I'm afraid I can't. I do however go out with the camera and the dog

  12. i would so love your sketching kit! I have tried sketching outside, but found that I often get sun-burned and bitten by bugs, so it takes a lot of planning on my part ahead of time. Nice sketches, by the way. I like the building the best!

  13. Hi Pat! it seems wonderful to go out and paint or sketch...I must do this! I'll go alone, no sketching groups here, unfortunately. Sometimes I paint in my garden, but this doesn't count, right? You did a nice job!xx

  14. Like your sketchy style! I don't go out much in general, lol. So my artistic activities are solitary. Maybe someday I’ll be freer to be out and about for ‘en plein air’.

  15. Love your sketches Pat. THey are brimming with confidence! And I usually sketch in my car while I'm waiting to pick up or drop off boys. :))

  16. These are lovely sketches Pat. As you know, I am also nervous when sketching outside so I know how you feel. I intend to get out there as much as I can this year to beat it and I must get one of those backpacks. ;-)

  17. Ciao Pat,
    anch'io sta provando a disegnare e dipingere fuori più spesso.
    E' un po' complicato, ma molto affascinante...I risultati vuole tempo..
    Il tuo cagnolino mi fa sempre una grande simpatia e fai proprio bene a pubblicare le sue foto!
    Ciao, a presto, Floriana

  18. Hi Pat. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm always sketching alone, with others... I am a member od which is a worldwode org you may like to checkout.

    These sketches are great. I hope you do lots more.


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