Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Busy bee!

Good morning all.

I've been a busy bee recently, redesigning my main website, which is for reflexology. You can see the new look HERE
Sharp eyed viewers will spot that the banner is now the same over my main site, my painting gallery site HERE and this blog!

So with all the work involved, I went bug eyed and felt I was glued to the computer. Stir crazy too, so even though it was raining we went to a local country park for their plant sale and I bought some new plants, some for outdoors in the cottage garden, some for inside, in the conservatory.

Here's a couple of photos for you to see whilst I now get on with catching up with all your gorgeous blogs!

entrance to the country park
can you spot the house in the woods?
Indoor orchid
and another one!


  1. Love reading about you daily adventures. :) you've sparked my interest in relexology! Going to find out more about it.

  2. Hello dear Pat,
    Thank you for your very welcome visit. I love your new look to your blogs and the header.
    I wish I was nearer to you. I would love to have some reflexology, it would do me a world of good.
    The sun is shining after a night of rain. Let's hope we'll have some good weather soon.
    I am taking Corey to the vet tonight with my daughter. He has virtually stopped eating and has lost so much weight.
    Fingers crossed.
    Big Hugs
    June xx

  3. I love your new banner, Pat, on blog and websites, it has a sunny and happy feel to it! Those orchids are gorgeous!

  4. I would also be google eyed if I had a website to look after as well as a blog! All that HTML... The mind truly boggles at times!
    The photo's are lovely. Good enough to paint :0)

  5. Nice job unifying your websites. Love the photo of the entrance to the park, gorgeous

  6. Lovely photos Pat. Oh and I missed the gift for Daddy. Hope he manages yo get his things into the lovely leather storage box. LOL.

  7. Hi Pat. Your new web page is most striking and effective-looking. Good job!! Thank you for the the photos, too. The estate looks beautiful.

  8. Hola Pat. Preciosas fotos. He visitado tu otro blog, vuestro país es pionero en todos los estudios y avances que se hacen de reflexología.
    Enhorabuena :)

  9. The country park looks like a real awesome place !

  10. What a beautiful entrance, Pat! and the house hidden in the woods...you sure had a great time and now have inspiration for two new watercolours. These orchids are lovely!xx

  11. a plant sale in the rain sounds kind of nice :) You sure have been busy, glad to see you got out a bit. Love all your photos

  12. Pat, I love the new reflexology website. Looks fabulous, all that staring at the computer screen paid off. Good as always to read your updates xxx

  13. Dear Pat
    I have looked at all your work. You've been really busy and you have my respect for everything you are doing
    Elsbeth xx

  14. Those photos are beautiful!! I really love the orchids, I had one but alas it died. *sniff* I do not envy you and your computer work, I've been trying to revamp my website and its enough to make me want to pull my hair out! xx

  15. Just a quickie dear Pat. I've lost Corey. so you can imagine how I'm feeling. Love xxxxxxxx


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