Monday, 18 February 2013

A painting and a short story

Over on my other blog, I have shared one of my paintings and the short story that the painting inspired. 

If you aren't following that blog, you can find it HERE

If you do go over there to take a look, I hope you enjoy both the painting and the short story. 
Please feel free to follow on that blog, because it will be the one I share my writing on.


  1. Great paintings and a fun story, cats rule!

  2. I just joined your other blog and wrote what I felt after reading the story. The painting is beautiful and I enjoyed the story. Love prevailed in that relationship.

  3. What a fabulous short story!!! I loved it, especially the slight kink at the end. Those cats ... :)

  4. Lovely painting, and great story! (I wasn't able to leave a comment over there.)

  5. i joined you over there too! Talented lady!!


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