Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Oh, I had fun with this one. It was a line drawing provided in art club. No time to follow the demo and paint it there, because I was busy painting my own picture, I took it home to do my own thing to it

I threw some paint on it, let it swirl then dry. Added some strategic shadows and some ink.

What came out of it?

This very vibrant 'Celebration' .

 Saunders waterford 140 rough
15" x 11"


  1. Wow, really looks like you had fun too. You should try it again.

  2. Ooh I reeeally like this one! i love that there's no 'colouring in'. It makes for a really interesting and out of the ordinary painting :0)

  3. Hi, Pat,
    Brilliant!! FANTASTICO!
    Cheers, Sadami

  4. It really is a most vibrant celebration with those colors exploding on the paper!!!

  5. That is the way to go! Enjoy what you do. Fabulous.

  6. Brava Pat! Nella sua semplicità è un lavoro di grande impatto!
    Complimenti,sempre bravissima!
    Un abbraccio!!

  7. Very nice! Reminds me of watching the Olympics!

  8. Es una acuarela muy alegre con vivos colores. ¡Te felicito! xx

  9. Ah Pat - this art is worth celebrating. I love the freshness as well as the line. Hope you are having more fun than ever not only with your art but your writing as well.

  10. Warm and colorful with those fresh colors. Beautiful.

  11. Pat- I love this! simple yet amazing- It is just fun to look at!


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