Sunday, 30 August 2009


Sometimes I paint abstract pictures, just for the fun of watching the paint move and flow, granulate and absorb - and dry in whichever pattern it chooses.

Of course, I do have input, I place the colours where I want, I choose to tip the paper so they can flow into each other, and I place either salt or wax on the paper to change or inhibit flow.

Overall though, I won't know if I like what I've done until it dries.
Every one I have done so far, I have liked.
If I look at them deeply, I see many things in them. That's what I like about abstracts.

My title painting is one, using salt as an absorber of paint to help create those lovely patterns.

Here's another :

This one was done as a gift for our local doctor, as a thank you .
I love this one, you can see so much in it .


  1. I love that one too, Pat -- it's a lovely thank you for your doctor.

    I can see sea creatures, ice crystals and the new day for starters. It's fun to look at.

  2. It is fun to look at, isn't it?

    I can see the underwater world with all the sea anemones swirling - and also many comets swirling around the Universe.

    Every time I look at it, I see something different.


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