Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Gifting Paintings

I sometimes make a gift of my paintings.

There are some close friends who lost their dogs in horrible circumstances, so to try to help ease their pain, I have painted the dog and given them the painting.
Here are two such paintings, Casey and Ginger.

Then there was Flapjack, made as a surprise Christmas present.
He went down a treat !

And then there were these paintings, given either as birthday presents or just as "you're my friend," presents



  1. They're gorgeous. I have a drawing of my children that someone gifted me, nothing more special than someone using their talents to make you something.

  2. I was so surprised and happy to see two paintings come from a small gift I had sent to Pat and I am now the proud owner of 'Quest for Home', the painting with the Statue of Liberty.


  3. Thanks Heather - I agree with you - nothing more special than a hand crafted gift from a friend. My FeltPet Spotty was a gift and its greatly treasured :)

  4. Thanks Marie.
    Your gift of the plaque inspired me to paint The Quest for Tea and The Quest for Home.
    I was delighted to send you the gift of The Quest for Home. That painting's true home was always destined to be with you. xx


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