Sunday, 23 August 2009

Selling Paintings

Sometimes I am asked "Do you sell your paintings?"
The answer to which is yes, sometimes I do.

And sometimes I get a follow up statement " I don't know how you could bear to part with them!"

That one is simple, though sometimes not .
I create a painting and take great joy in doing so.

Some, like Whistle Stop Cafe help a cause which is dear to my heart (auctioned in aid of Battersea Dogs Home) - and the person who now owns it has a painting which means something very special to them. They will enjoy and cherish it. So, we're all happy.

Some, like Sowing the Seeds, I create and it has great meaning.
Then someone comes along and asks could I paint another for them. I don't paint the same picture twice, so I ask what it means to them. And Sowing the Seeds meant so much to its new owner - along the lines of the meaning I had instilled in it - that I was happy to sell it to her. It will be greatly cherished.

Others still, like the one above - Beyond The Door - hold such great and deep personal meaning for me that I will not part with it.
This painting is so full of symbolism in every brush stroke, each one a testament to an event in my life - that it won't ever live in any other home but mine. Its too personal.
That's what artists do, you know - put their life experiences and emotion on canvas. Or watercolour paper, in my case !

Its also a lovely image, so it stays on my website Pat Elliott's Paintings for everyone to enjoy.


  1. Love this painting with the black dog and white door.

  2. I love this painting.
    Puppy looking up so longingly and hopefully.


  3. Thank you Linda.
    I think the contrast between the dog and the door helps to make it a successful painting.

  4. Thank you Brenda.
    Those are two of the feelings I was hoping to inspire. I am delighted you picked up on them :)


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