Tuesday, 11 August 2009

two "get well" wishes

Did you know Claude Monet painted his wife Camille as she was on her deathbed?
I don't know how he could do that!
Yesterday my little terrier wasn't well and needed to see the vet - art was the last thing on my mind. Her getting well was. Get well soon, my Miss.

The second wish is for my arty friend Beryl. We go on painting workshops together. She has sadly fractured her kneecap and is immobile for a few weeks.
I have told her all about my new toy so today I am off to the art shop to buy an Inktense pencil for her, and a new sketch book too. We will not be sketching her plaster cast!
Get well soon, my friend.

here's one of the paintings we've both done a version of at an art workshop.


  1. Patt, I'm just seeing this one, how is Missy?

  2. Thankfully Heather, just a 24 hour bug - and the Chief is back to normal :)


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