Friday, 26 February 2010

Angel hair

Here in this stage, I painted the angel hair.

Painted in a glorious cobalt turquoise, initially it seems an odd choice, but it fits.
You might think, given what the ginger jar is used for, that this would be a hard piece to paint - but its not.
Just as Spotty gave me so much pleasure, painting her jar is giving me pleasure too :)
I may be an odd duck!
(Eccentric, for those who have never heard the saying)


  1. It's looking ready to 'fly away' Pat.

  2. Thanks, Beryl xx

    The time certainly flew by when I painted it :)

  3. Hi Pat--

    So glad you stopped by my blog. Happy to find a watercolor artist to follow. Your paintings are lovely!


  4. Thanks for the compliment, Mary. xx
    You are more than welcome here xx


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