Monday, 15 February 2010

Two special Dogs

I have a friend in Sarah, who has her own online shop and blog at BuddhistMusician Accessories - and Sarah has two dogs, a Staffordshire called Tilly and a Parson Jack called Bryan.

Sarah wanted a portrait of her two darlings, and I wanted an earring and bracelet set, so we arranged a swap.
To see the beautiful jewellery that Sarah creates, click here

here's the drawing of her two darlings


  1. The sun's gone in, enabling me to see your drawing Pat. Looks interesting.
    Also clicked on your link and found that fascinating. I might be better putting all my craft on there rather than, or as well as, on my blog.

    On the other hand have I got time or patience for both? Nooo! Perhaps not!

  2. If you need to run an online craft business, Beryl - there's the place to do it!
    But I think you're happy enough as you are :)

  3. We're agreed on that then Pat. Bx

  4. Oh cant wait to see these two!! Saras work is fab and her dogs lovely, I also got one of her homemade spice mixes from her MISI store for a curry the other week
    Unfort my camera had a fart and lost the fotos but it was totaly yummy!

  5. I bet it was yummy, Pam! I can't see Sarah doing anything other than an excellent range :)

    By the end of this week, you will see the finished painting :)


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