Sunday, 21 February 2010

On a mission

A dry afternoon and we were out for a walk with our darling girl, in the countryside.

We decide to pop in to the local fishkeepers and buy a couple more fish for the tank.
Sadly, dogs are not allowed inside the shop, so Missy and her daddy had to go for a walk in the surrounding land whilst I ventured inside. Missy wasn't happy - as I went one way across the car park, hubby walked the other way - but she wanted to be with me!

Mummy went this way, daddy; I am tracking her.

Over this paved area

Why can't I go in this door? She's in here, I know it!

Mummy, you won't leave me again, will you?


  1. So cute! Your pooch looks to be full of personality!

  2. Thanks, Christi - she certainly is! xx

  3. The story of a very faithful friend. How could you leave her like that?

  4. She is a faithful friend - sadly the fish shop dictates I can't take her in :(
    Silly, blind fish shop! :lol:

  5. poor chief bet there was a great welcome when she saw you

  6. Huge welcome, Bob :)
    Apparently she wagged every time the door opened then stopped as she realised "you're not my mummy"
    When it was me, there were squeals of delight !

  7. Missy is adorable. What an expression. Her face reminds me of my oldest. He is such a mamma's boy.

    Thank you for coming over to my blog and leaving comments. And joining.

    Your paintings are delightful. Off to look at more.

  8. Thank you for your kind words. Missy is indeed adorable.
    If you look at the dog page on my gallery site, you'll see I have a great love of jack russells :)

  9. Ha ha, that's so nicely written. What a face in the last pic.

  10. Thanks, hon xx Glad you liked it :)

  11. That is the sweetest face ever. It's heartwarming how much she adores you and I know you also adore her.

  12. Thanks, Marie, she does have a lovely face - and we do adore each other :) Just the way it was meant to be :)


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