Saturday, 27 February 2010

Seeing angels

In dark blends using indigo and burnt sienna, I paint the out line of the angels hair.

I wonder if you can see what I mean by angels - just by looking at the pattern?
I remember when the piece was first bought, I told the lady who was selling it and suddenly she saw what she'd not seen before.
Is it just the creative part of me that sees images where others do not, always? Sometimes I wonder, do you who read see the same way as I do?


  1. The colouring is lovely Pat. I can see an exotic garment in the picture.

  2. Thanks, Beryl - glad you like the colouring :)

    Is it a cape type of garment you can see?

  3. Yes, also there's a resemblance to the dyed Ostrich feathers women had trimming their dresses.

  4. Dyed ostrich feathers? I'm going to have to google those - there might be another painting in it! :)

  5. I see people with their backs facing us, the viewers. Itz Niczzz!

  6. That's how I see it too, only I called the people angels, but definitely backs to us, face to the light.

    Glad you like it :)


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