Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Are you a solitary painter?

Mostly I paint alone in my summerhouse studio.
Not quite alone, I have Missy with me :)

I think raw sienna is called for, mummy!

Once a week I do go to an art club type of class, where we all can do our own thing, or follow a demo and the tutor is always on hand to help, should you need it. It takes me about 25 minutes to drive there. It recently re-started after the Christmas break - and that made me realise how much I miss painting in company!

I also belong to an online painting forum called Painting Friends.
Some live close enough to meet, some don't. Within the forum we have monthly challenges on different themes. Encouragement and help is given on personal projects. So even though you may paint alone, a community is at hand.

How about you? Do you prefer to paint in a group or alone?
Do you even have a class/club near you?


  1. Love your painting helper, Pat! I mostly paint alone, but like you I have a painting group once a week that I love. I drive 2 hours to get there- its where I used to live, but the group is worth the drive!

  2. Dear Pat,
    Your posts are always heartwarming! I belong to 2 art societies, Australian Society of Authors(includes children picture book illustrators) and Copyrights Agency Ltd(handles copyrights issues). Work on alone at a studio, but often or everyday surrounded by life models. I prefer to see life models and chat with others & artist friends! Fun!
    Cheers:) Sadami

  3. If I were a painter I think I would prefer to paint alone (it's how I like to write). But then...I really don't know! Interesting question!
    PS I'd really like to see your painting of that St. Nicholas church close to you...would you mind my posting about it? :)

  4. I always love reading your blog Pat. Of course I work alone, it's not something you can do in a crowd really but I'd love some company.xx

  5. I am definitely a solitary painter. Very shy when it comes to someone watching over my shoulder. I wish I could get over that. It also stops me from doing plein air work which would be nice.
    Good for you Pat, getting out there in a group.

  6. I have attended a few classes in my time and I enjoy the company as well as the inspiration you can get from others.
    Unfortunately I do almost all of my painting alone because the course I am on is a distance learning course. I don't mind but if I had the choice I'd be at classes for sure :0)

  7. That must be a lovely group Sheryl, to drive two hours to get there!

    Sadami, I'm like you, I love talking to people. My reflexology job means I do that, but the painting people are more fun!

    Ann, you can post my painting. I'd be proud to see my St Nicholas on your blog :)

    June, do the adult classes not run a photoshop workshop where you could meet people? Or would that be impossible to get to?

    Dors, if I was close by, I'd be dragging you out to do a bit of outdoor sketching! ;) We'd have great fun. Someone once criticised my outdoor drawing, so I held the pencil up for them - they soon backed off hahahahhaha

    I like the class/club I go to Sandra - you can do your own thing and have a good old goss ;)
    The course I did (C&G) was at an adult college, and I think the company helped make the course.

  8. Hello, Pat! Like you, I love talking to people but...not when I'm drawing or painting. I used to go on painters meetings when I lived in Sao Paulo,just to practice, but since I mooved to a small town I paint alone.That's why for me blogs are so significant. I love your blog for this chance to chat and exchange experiences. Hugs from Brasil

  9. No matter what I do, craft or work, I've always preferred working alone.

    Hopefully you will get to enjoy your studio again soon.

  10. Pat,Missy ti aiuta a dipingere:-)))

    Io dipingo da solo,preferisco!


  11. Hi Anamaria,
    I can understand painting alone, I do a lot of it! Strangely the paintings I do in the club are not anything that needs a lot of detail, because its too hard to concentrate fully :lol:

    Hi Tonya,
    using a machine and scissors, I'd do that alone too! Although I did once go to a ten week handbag making course. We'd all shut up when we were machining though :)

    Hi Francesco - one day I will tell you all on the blog that it is really Missy who does the paintings - and only you will NOT be surprised :)
    I like having both options, alone and together. I suppose a blog is a bit like that, you're alone and together. Ciao xx

  12. Awww Missy's SO cute! :) I'm a solitary painter, it's my one chance to have some quiet in my crazy house hold so I like it like that. Well solitary except for my own Missy.

  13. Hey Pat, I do enjoy the "aloneness" of painting solo, but also like to see the work of other artists when working in a group.

  14. Thanks, Crystal - she is a cutie pie for sure :)
    Ah, I have a quiet house most of the time. Perhaps that's why I like to talk :lol:

    You sound like me Gretchen.. a bit of both is a great thing :) xx

  15. Hi Pat , I paint alone also, in my studio room. Thats why I'm finally going to join my local art guild here after moving to this area 6 months ago.. I like both probably the more serious work would be alone..
    thanks for coming by Pat and I love your helper, I have Angie . she's my faithful companion .. now 15 ...


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