Sunday, 6 February 2011

I've been featured!

How flattered am I?
Today I have been featured on another blog.

My paintings of St Nicholas, our local church, and Wilbur, A German Shepherd dog have been featured on Ann Nichols' blog.
My photos are first an image from the work in progress of the church; secondly Wilbur hanging in his new home. The complete village church painting can be seen on Ann's blog, as can the close up of Wilbur.

You can go here to see Ann's blog.
It is a blog about St Nicholas and Christmas - and once a week features the most darling cat - Edward :)
I have been included in the feature St Nicholas Around the World.


  1. Great news Pat!! Well done.:)

  2. Well congrats to you Pat... and why not ? your a wonderfully talented lady... I also have been featured on the artist showcase of a blog. It's our DAY !!!!!! bj

  3. Thanks, Irfan :) xx

    Thanks Barbra Joan - and congrats to you too! xx

  4. Way to go Pat on your additional exposure!!

  5. Thanks, Gretchen. Its made me happy :) xx

  6. How wonderful, Pat...congratulations!

  7. You deserved it, Pat, very beautiful work, congratulations! xx

  8. Congratulations Pat. That is a very nice painting. Well done.

  9. How lovely for you Pat! xoxo

  10. Hi Everyone!
    I'm the one whose so honored to have Pat's work on my blog!
    Thanks, Pat!


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