Monday, 28 February 2011

Where do I go from here?

If you saw my blog last week, you'll know that I painted my artistic ambition, a picture of the crucified Christ.

So where do I go from here?

Again the dancing days show me the way - straight from a medal test back to normal practise.
So straight from my ambition in art to practise pieces .. giving me time to think before starting a new painting - and that cooling down,  warming up time is I think very necessary.

My last was very emotional - and I tend to paint from the heart anyway.
I need to feel a connection to paint something well. Sometimes that emotion needs a rest, so we have some practice pieces.

Two three minute warm ups.. painted from the cyclamen in my garden, no drawing, this is just for fun  - not looking for perfection, just an impression

Painted from life, a beautiful plant given to me from a dear friend. The main leaves are green, but as spring arrives, it throws up pairs of pink leaves. It came in a beautiful pink hessian bag . Still not looking for perfection, but a little more control ..

Darkest leaves at the front, two colours mingling, mid tone above and the palest at the back to give a feeling of distance. Shadow under pot stroked in and then the edge brushed with clear water. Shadows help make a piece. Under ten minutes. Nice loose, practise.. flexing my brushes :)

Now a question for you - do you need to feel a connection before you paint something?


  1. Well dear Pat, the One you painted last week is the One who created these flowers so... you are "warming" down perfectly!
    And Yes, before I write something, I do have to feel a bit connected... think it must be the same way for painting...(But having said that, can't spend time waiting for inspiration - that comes through writing. Is that the same for painting? I think so...)
    Have a lovely (and less emotional) week!

  2. Thank you Ann.
    Painting connections for me - they can come along as I paint, but mostly they are there first. That's because I have to come up with an idea of what to paint. I don't throw some colour on and then think "oh, there's a daffodil" although, maybe I will try it and see ;)
    You have a great week too xx

  3. I don't paint, but when I want to make something I do need to be inspired or I just cannot make it the best I can. Your flower is so pretty. I love watercolors over oils.

  4. Pat, great post and great, relevant question! After what is for me a big piece, I feel drained, almost empty and it takes me time to find another subject. Like you, I don't jump into a new subject, but "play" ( less serious than your practice:-). I go through hundreds of pictures until one calls out to me..if I paint without this feeling about a painting, the painting probably won't get finished. The connection can be a memory, a reaction to the beauty of the subject or even a complexity that I find challenging.
    Enjoy your practice until the next big one!

  5. Pat your painting was very spiritual and beautiful. You were painting Christ from your soul and now you need to rest.
    These paintings are lovely and soft and gentle.
    To answer your questio...yes. I do need to feel a connection before I paint something. I've always said that my art comes from my heart and my soul~~~

  6. I don't really think about the connection, but it's there when I chose what I feel like painting. Otherwise, I don't paint. You would think it's subconscious, but it's really deliberate. Enjoy your practice, Pat!

  7. I agree, Pat- I usually paint something I want to paint (at least at the time). But practice is also good and I do love cyclamens!

  8. Thanks to all of you for considering the question.
    I see you all need to feel a connection too - else the painting won't get done. I hate starting and not finishing - I've only ever done that once... so now I've learned to do a few brush flexing practice pieces first - until the next one grabs me and shouts PAINT ME!

  9. Nice practice piece. I can't paint worth a darn but anything I do make I have to have my heart in it or it's just not going to work

  10. Dear Pat, I need to have a deep connection with the subject I paint. That's why I paint: to express my feelings, my way of seeing life. Otherwise I see no reason to paint. Painting gives meaning to my life.I dont want to be nosy, but seeing your last paintings I dare take a guess. Why don't you try repainting the crucified Christ the same way you did with these flowers, free, without worrying about the result? I think you may be surprised.Hugs from your friend Anamaria

  11. I feel that I need to connect before I quilt. I have to know about each dog before I can make him a blanket. Alot of quilt ministries just quilt away and have a pile to give away..I need to know about the person before I can create the quilt.

  12. Thanks all.. so we're all in the same "connection" boat together ! :) I'm proud to know so many who paint from their heart.

    Anamaria - your suggestion is one I'd never thought of - I've never painted a person without drawing first. I shall have to give it a go! love, Pat xx

  13. It's almost better if I don't have a connection...then the expectations are not as high. When I begin a piece in which I do have a connection or personal feeling towards I tend to get anxious about screwing it up. I've realized more and more that it's okay to mess up and all you have to do is start again.


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