Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Making of China

I had a dog painting to do for Alex.. of the rescue dog who stole her heart, China.

So here in these two stages you see  the drawing and the first washes of the sky and ground around China.

Then I have a confession to make! I got so engrossed in the painting, I forgot to take any more photos - and before I knew it I was finished!

So on Friday, you will see the finished picture.


  1. Haha, that's what happens to me too, forgetting to make photos! Looking forward to see the finished picture!

  2. This looks like it's going to be a really cute painting - I'll look forward to seeing it finished :0)

  3. I'll come back to see it, Pat. Until now I can say it looks great! xx

  4. Well from what you're showing here i can't wait to see the finished painting

  5. I like how you showed this and cant wait to see the finished piece. So many things to learn from these blogs, so little time. I hope I live forever so I can learn

  6. Love the pose, can't wait to see it finished on Friday.

  7. Thanks, everyone. So glad you like the beginnings - hopefully you'll like the end! :) xx

  8. That's so funny!!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished version!

  9. Oh this is going to be great Pat..
    I will check in to see the completion.
    Thank you so much for visiting Elle and your kind words.

  10. And since it is now after 2 a.m. my time on Friday is probably posted and I don't have to wait! But I will refrain as I keep going down my blog list.


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