Thursday, 24 March 2011


I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Jackie.
She has started up her own blog, showcasing her handmade cards.

Jackie's Blog Crafti Cardz

She is taking part in a craft fair this weekend, full details on her blog!
She has some of my painted bookmarks to take to the fair also.

Would be great if any of you would visit her blog and offer some encouragement.
Thank you xx


  1. oh cool a new blogger, I'm headed over now

  2. I just went to her blog. Her cards are beautiful. Thanks for sharing her blog with us.

  3. nice post, Pat! I am on my way to visit Jackie!

  4. Loved Jackie's cards. Good luck to your both with the cards and bookmarks.

  5. Thank you for visiting Jackie's blog and leaving her a comment and even following! You, my blogging friends, are simply the best! xx

  6. I will head on over. This card is cute. I hope she does well at her fair!


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