Friday, 25 March 2011

The Cowgirl Series .. Cowgirl IV: When Love is Gone

Fourth in the series, created using cling film and watercolour..

Called "When Love is Gone" because, when love has gone, we first of all go to pieces....

When Love is Gone

Will this be the last in the Series? Temporarily it is.. but I have a feeling I may well do one more...  where the Cowgirl will end up back on top of the world :)


  1. Ah how sad :(
    How did you use the clingfilm, Pat?

  2. Hi Judy,
    I made a first wash of pale raw sienna, lots of water. Tore off a couple of strips of cling film and scrunched them up and pressed them onto the wash. Left alone for about three hours to dry (it does take a while) When dry and you lift cling film, you'll find the wash dries in patches. I just enhanced those patches with more of the colours as they appeared on the other portraits and left the rest blank.. so it looks like she's in pieces. :)

  3. Excellent title, totally true...I like your series of the cowgirl, interesting to see such a variety with the same subject.

  4. Thanks, Jane - and welcome to my blog :) xx

  5. Molto, molto originale, questa versione della Cowgirl! Una serie decisamente interessante. Complimenti Pat! Ciao.

  6. Oh my I love this Pat.. Don't quit she may find someone new.

  7. Very cool, Pat- I am loving this series! Very motivating!

  8. Hello Pat!
    I'm allowed on the computer for a few minutes each day. Yay!!! Getting around to reading the blogs I've so missed...and LOVE your Texas Cowgirls!!! I scrolled back through them all and you've done an outstanding job! Love the "all to pieces" effect. Very adventurous! And congrats on five years with Missy... pets sure do bring us a lot of happiness, don't they?

  9. This looks just like a reflection of her face in water. It's intriguing :0)

  10. Thanks, Tito - glad you find the series interesting. Sometimes I go off on a tangent :)

    thanks, Nora - I am hoping she does :) xx

    Thanks, Sheryl, glad you've enjoyed them :)

  11. Hello Teresa
    so glad you're allowed on again even if for only a while *hugs* Glad you liked the whole series.
    And yes, our pets bring much joy :) xx

  12. Thanks Sandra - intriguing is just great - I love anything that makes you think , so for one of my paintings to do it is just fab! Thank you xx

  13. I am loving the versatility of this series "Cowgirl".
    Great ability and creativity.

  14. Very interesting technique. You have to do one more, we can't have that poor cowgirl all in pieces, she's just got to be back in the saddle again :)

  15. Hi Pat, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your watercolours have a beautiful, fresh look - interesting series with the cowgirl! Regarding dogs...yours is a real cutie! We have three dogs rescued through Border Collie rescue (one is an Australian Shepherd). We had another Border Collie, Micky, who died recently of old age. My husband had had him since being a puppy. The others all were abused before rescued. Again, nice to meet you!

  16. Another great one Pat. Love them all. Hope you do another one. :)

  17. So sad that her love is gone. I am glad that we might see her pretty face once more.

  18. What a great title, pat! Yes, do one when she is up on top of the world again too!
    I went to see Edward today - praise God he is doing much better! I posted about him too!
    Thanks for your well wishes and prayers on his behalf!

  19. Thanks for the visit - I love the effect you have achieved with this - it would be interesting to see another one !

  20. Me parece muy interesante toda la serie, tiene mucha creatividad.

  21. Thanks, Nil. I am glad you love the series. I love to try new things in my art :) xx

    Ann, I like a happy ending, so I am sure at some point I shall do another ;)

    Hello Karen and welcome to my blog! Glad you like the cowgirls - and I adore the fact you have dogs, and rescues too!

  22. Thanks, Dors.. I'm sure I won't leave her hanging;)
    Just need to decide on a fitting ending ;) xx

    Hi Tonya - he might have been a heel. I'm sure the next chap will be the man of her dreams xx

    I will Ann. Top of the world - just as you must be now Edward is improving - which delights me no end! xx

  23. Thanks Sandie - its an interesting effect :) I enjoyed making it.

    Thanks Juan, I love being creative !

    and thank you Irfan.. I'm pleased with all of the Series xx

  24. Beautiful Pat! Just like an ancient mosaic. I visited the Pompeii exhibition and your painting is SO much like one of their pieces, apart from the cowboy hat of course!

    Looking forward to seeing more,



  25. Thanks Cindy - so glad you like it :)
    I've been to Pompeii -many years ago now.. perhaps there was a distant memory that I drew upon. xx

  26. Pat, I can not believe the work you're doing with your cow girl, is impressive!. It is a fantastic serie. I would not know which to choose. It is also a great practice exercise of the technical. Congratulations!

  27. Thank you Carmen :)
    the idea took hold and I ran with it.. glad you think the work is impressive xx

  28. Hi Pat the cowgirl series is awesome! Was that a photo that you began with? So cool and contemporary. Love it. Oh and thank for stopping by my site, i enjoy your comments. I was wondering if i asked you about your shaggy dog in the photos. He/she is adorable.... what kind of dog is it?

  29. Dear Pat,
    Thank you for the great serial challenge and each wonderful work. I admire your high spirit.
    BTY but that's what I'd expect Photoshop to do=organize different images/watercolors into one.
    Hugs and smile, Sadami

  30. Thanks, Cathy!
    Yes, the first dummy was a photo, and all four sprang from that. :)
    Saw you read about Missy - she is very cute, thanks :) xx

    Sadami, thanks for enjoying the work and admiring the spirit :)
    Can photoshop do that? I am terrible, I use it for resizing and and shrinking files only! :)

  31. Pat, magnífica serie, me encanta la diversidad de texturas y tratamientos y cada una con emoción y una historia diferente.

    Es divertida la transformación de la chica del Oeste.

  32. Bello!!! I really love this piece, it reminds me Dalì...
    Ciao Graziano

  33. Beautiful effects on cowgirl face! Arianna


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