Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Miss takes centre stage

We haven't been out to new exciting places that I could take photos and share with you, the weather's been against us. So instead I'm going to show how this lovely girl makes me smile.

First off, here's my Missy conserving her energy

and here's little Miss listening intently as she can hear her daddy on the phone loudspeaker!

Lastly, here's the lunatic Miss having raced to the door to greet daddy - haring back to get to her toy so she can play with him! :)


  1. Aww.. Your cute photo's always make me smile!

  2. Stephen isn't quite as enthusiastic at meeting his daddy when he comes home...but still sweet just the same.

    I bet Missy gets the first hug and you have to take seconds!

  3. She's a lovely and joyful dog! I had a female dog, several years ago...bye, Arianna!

  4. Che bello vedere la tua ragazza così allegra:-)))

    Ciao Pat!

  5. Missy is a smart girl conserving energy. Running back to get her toy reminds me of Duke. He'll take a toy outside with him and set it down. Then when he comes back in he'll start for the door and turn back and go get his toy before he comes in.

  6. Thanks everyone! Missy is a very sweet, happy dog. She certainly has a lot of joy in her life :)
    Daddy throws the toy for her, Tonya - and I still get the first kiss! :) :) xx


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