Sunday, 24 April 2011

Back after Easter..

Hello my friends. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.
We had a great time, which included some messing around with paint for me :)

I had a new colour I wanted to try out - Quin Gold.
So I painted a loose style crab and my guardian angel ( who just had to have colours)
I was a little disappointed with the Gold, expecting it to be more translucent and bright - but then I read a post on the Painting Friends Forum about colour intensity. Quin Gold was listed and shown as low intensity.
Now I am not disappointed at all, but realise I had the wrong paint for these particular paintings.  Or I painted the wrong picture for this particular paint!
You live and learn, as they say :) 

Here's the pics - I might paint them again at a later date, with more intense colour.

Now to take a look around and try to catch up with you all!
much love, Pat xx


  1. This is a lovely painting and the crab has become beautiful. The quin gold is well into its own in the painting. Nice color too! You have a nice loose style of painting.

  2. I love Quin Gold for autumn leaves, or the shades on blonde hair... if you wish a more bright yellow for your crab, you can try indian yellow, or the marvellous new gamboge... but I find that your crab is lovely just the way he is! A hug, ciao!

  3. Hi Pat
    Easter was fantastic. My daughter and my son-in-law came from Aberdeen for a week. I had no time to paint and was not on the PC.
    The crab that you have painted, has become very beautiful. I Like the colors and splashes.
    I wish you a nice day.

  4. Nice work, Pat, I really like your backgrounds on both of these, I have not used this color yet, may have to give it a try!

  5. Lovely to see your paintings Pat. You always come up with something special! Glad you had a good Easter. Hugs xx

  6. See now this is exactly what I blogged about you for my May for me.


  7. Hi Pat. Glad you had a nice break. Quin. gold has it's place- I find it to be a bit on the green side, so I use it primarily for mixing and glazing foliage colors.I find a well-made New Gamboge is similar, but warmer. Apologies if "advice" unwanted.

  8. Not sure what brand your Quin gold is but I have the Quin gold's and various other colors from Daniel Smith and they are gorgeous and one of my go to colors now. Nice pieces you've done:)

  9. Fun playing around with new paints, isn't it Pat? Glad you had fun with these!

  10. Beautiful the crab! Arianna

  11. Happy easter Pat
    Aww sorry the colours were not quite what you wanted but I think they look good anyway
    especially like that crab! I think the colour is perfect for him, but I dont know what you were seeing in your head

  12. Quin Gold wasn't what I expected either! But, it has its place and makes a wonderful glaze.
    I like the loose style in which you have painted the crab :0)

  13. well it may not have been what you expected but it certainly made for some very pretty pictures. I love the angel

  14. Hi Pat, welcome back! I'm happy that you had a nice Easter...we did too. I like the colors and the look of these two paintings. I find them very attractive...especially the crab.

  15. Dear Pat,
    Weldone!! I admire your challenging spirit and positive attitude.
    The crab looks very nice. The guardian angel seems to await more brushes. True, we live and learn and Fate loves a brave like you. Thank you for sharing the precious info.
    Cheers, Sadami
    PS. I remember an old joke...for you.
    "Is this crab drunk? It walks straight!;)"

  16. Both are very nice. I agree a guardian angel should have colors!

  17. Thanks everyone!
    I like the crab but feel his legs are a bit overworked. I like the simplicity of the brushwork on the angel but the gold is too dull. Kathryn - I never object to advice, never! Give me all you want :)
    Sadami, we always say in my Irish family "God loves a trier" :) and that is an old joke about the crab! :lol:
    Tonya, not curious but patient teeheehee xx

  18. A late comment from me. Love the crab and the angel is beautiful too!
    The colours I can bye here are different from yours, a different brand, so I am not familiar with quin gold. I have permanent lemon yellow and gamboge. But reading about your experience quin gold is not a colour I'd miss.

  19. Beautiful work Pat! I really love that crab. :) I have sort of mixed feelings for quin gold. I find it a little too brassy for the way I like to paint. But I do really like the way it looks against purples. A nice complement.

  20. Hello Pat, the crab es great, so beautiful!!! congratulations.

  21. He looks like a true Maryland crab! Love him


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