Monday, 11 April 2011

Practising portraits

Painted this chap today, practising my portraits..

none too sure about him myself.. he has a strange feel to me.. but I'll show him to you, even though I think he's not my best .. and leave you dear reader, to see.. sometimes we all have paintings we think twice about!

A Cold Wind Blows


  1. Dear Pat, I think that the left side is much better than the right side of the portrait because the shadows on the right are a little hard. The hair is great and he has a futuristic aspect.

  2. Pat, this gentleman reminds me a bit of Jude Law...that can't be bad:-)

  3. Girls, you're very kind *hugs*
    But I don't really like him. He reminds me of the young man in the film Cabaret.. who got up to sing "Tomorrow belongs to me" Something cold and calculating about him.
    Funnily enough , when hubby saw him, he said "we're not hanging him, he's a bit Hitler Youth"
    Nice to know we're both on the same wavelength even after 22 years of marriage! :)

  4. I LOVE this portrait, wonderful sharp lines and shading. And as Anamaria said, a bit futuristic.

  5. Not one for me I'm afraid Pat.

  6. I think he's got character! But maybe a bit of a cold character...

  7. I liked Pat, worked fine blue, a loose interpretation.

  8. Pat, I have to agree with Anamaria on this one, but a portrait doesn't have to be nice, just have a resemblance to, or something in character to the subject.


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