Monday, 11 April 2011

Painting, projects and schedules.

What a lovely weekend we had  - a mini heatwave!
Missy got a trim, a trip to see some horses, played ball in the garden, then watched as I painted in the summerhouse. I also managed to go to a meet up of reflexologists for a few hours.

With such beautiful weather arriving, I will be spending less time at the computer, which means not so much blogging. The upside of that is, you may get more paintings in one post!

In winter I post three times a week - through spring and summer, that will change to one, maybe two. We have lots to do in the garden - I've been trying to get it how I want it to look, since we first moved in two years ago - but other works in the house took precedence. This year is the year of the garden :)

If I'm not such a frequent visitor to your blog, please excuse me, but the great outdoors is calling!

Here are some photos for you to enjoy -  a loose painting, our first garden project this year and views from the summerhouse.

Here's the painting - called "Forgotten"

Paul made these church window  metal supports

sleepy time in the summerhouse

Watching me doing a laid back draw !

View from the summerhouse

my apple tree - Laxton's Superb


  1. Good morning Pat.
    You are right, the weather is too beautiful to be sitting at the computer. Especially after the long winter, we should enjoy it. Have a few nice days, rain comes soon enough. The little donkey in the picture looks really somehow forgotten. I also very much out there and enjoy the sun.

  2. Hope you enjoy the outdoors too, Elsbeth xx

  3. Enjoy your garden and the beautiful weather, Pat!

  4. Enjoyed your post Pat, and all the lovely photos.

  5. I just loved this post, Pat! I am so ready for a mini heat wave and itching to get in my garden, too. Enjoy your day!

  6. Just one question Pat - does your watercolour paper and stuff get all damp using your summerhouse as a studio in winter?

  7. Un'immagine dolcissima quella dell'asinello! Ciao Pat!

  8. The year of the's the Chinese Year of the Bunny so hopefully the bunnies will stay away from your garden!!

  9. Wonderful photos. I can understand getting out in the nice weather. Me too and can't wait.

  10. Good Morning,Pat. Lovely atmospheric painting, and I enjoyed the glimpses of your life and home. Enjoy the wonderful weather!

  11. I love this painting...send a kiss to Missy from me! Arianna

  12. Thanks everyone - glad you all liked the painting and enjoyed the post.

    Frank - no, it doesn't. The whole summerhouse has been insulated and boarded on the walls and roof, insulated and laminate floored - so its more than a regular summerhouse. It is still usable in winter - it has heat and electric too :)
    Having said all that, I only keep a few pieces of paper and kit out there. The majority of it is in my bureau. But what I have left out there hasn't been harmed.

  13. Pat don't worry, you are not alone, I shall send you some thoughts when I work in MY garden. Enjoy yourself :-))

  14. we had gorgeous weather over the weekend. I don't blame you one bit for wanting to spend the time in the garden. I need to do some of that myself

  15. Dear Pat,
    Enjoy sunshine as much as possible. Don't worry about the blog. I so much love the painting "Forgotten." The photos are beauitufl...and please pass my best wishes and best "pats" to your doggy.
    Cheers, Sadami

  16. Pat, I have all confidence that your garden will look great with all the affection that you have within yourself.

  17. Hello, Pat! I understand the reasons that keep you away from your computer. You have to catch the moments and enjoy the warmth of the outdoors.
    Have a nice week and weekend!


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