Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Cowgirl Series .. Cowgirl V: Masking the Pain

Here's the latest in my Cowgirl series .
I was thinking of a painting to do for the Alphabets and had come up with M for mask.. but when I found this mask with this hat on, I decided instead she should be a Cowgirl .
When Love is Gone was the last, so naturally afterwards, what do we do, but mask the pain! Hence the bold colours, to take away from what's happening in the eyes.

Cowgirl V: Masking the Pain


  1. What a beautiful mask! And what a good idea to continue the cowgirl series! Her eyes look really sad...

  2. Great painting, but I really must say I love the previous post, I have been thinking about a new painting, not in a sketchbook but on a real canvas and couldn't think what style so I love that you explained your process for an original painting and I will also try to create something equally dreamy and fantastic.

  3. Dear Pat,
    Your approach, idea and creativity are so fasinating and brilliant! Originality and uniqueness are so precious. Keep up!
    And...Happy Easter!
    Cheers, Sadami

  4. Ciao Pat, grazie per gli auguri di Buona Pasqua, che ricambio con simpatia. Molto bella questa maschera, e molto belli i colori che hai usato. Complimenti! On this link, you can find many masks of Sardinia island:

    or, if it's too difficult, you can search on Google: "Maschere sarde" (on Images research)
    Un caro saluto, Francesco

  5. Pat, she is very beautiful and I love the colors and the design...Lovely!

  6. Hi Pat, step to leave my best wishes for a happy and peaceful Easter!
    May God bless you.


  7. Has a very French air about it. I like the way you're telling stories through your paintings.

  8. I like it. Colorful, fun and a bit of mystery hiding behind the mask

  9. When your painting starts merging with your thoughts a beautiful work is bound to emerge.

  10. Beautiful Pat, and I like the idea behind.

    Happy Easter.

  11. Hey! I love your drawing and I dont want to lose anyone.
    Your blog stay in my list of favorites.

  12. Vuelvo para decirte que tienes un premio en mi blog.Besitos.

  13. Hello Pat!
    I love your mascara, do not transmit pain, has a sensual and mysterious black flowers have an oriental air.
    Congratulations was beautiful.
    A hug!

  14. Thanks everybody! Glad you like her - though she does feel sad to me too :)

    Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.. we did and now I'm back to catch up with you all. xx

    PS: thanks, Francesco for the link. They all look quite sad. I am going to look up the history next! xx

  15. She is beautiful!! I love your cowgirl series. Will her story continue?

  16. Beatiful mask Pat, love the design and the colors you choose. Ciao.


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