Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Art in everyday life

Hello friends!

I have a real treat of a post today and some beautiful pictures.
I have a friend in blog land called Tonya from Hillbilly Handiworks.
You can see her blog HERE

I approached her to make some picnic sets for myself and my husband.
I knew she could make photo quilts, so I asked her if she could somehow make a photo picnic set, with a picture of each of our darling dogs in it.

She did it - and they arrived today!
My word, but they are beautiful. I love art that I can use as well as admire!

Tonya makes these from your own photo and she can make them any colour you want! They cost $20 each. (That's about £12 in sterling)
You aren't limited to dogs - you could have a photo of anything!

here they are

I should have waited to take pictures, so you could see them nice and flat, but I was too keen to show you all :)

And further in my parcel, was a surprise gift from my friend, Marie!
She had asked Tonya to make an arty gift for me.
This is a dual purpose roll - it holds my delicate brushes for doing fine work, to save them getting battered by the big brushes - and it also doubles up as a watercolour pencil holder! How neat is that!  I can't tell you what this cost, because it was a gift, but I'm sure if you contact Tonya, she'll quote you.
Here's my newest piece of art kit :)


  1. How lovely to receive such a gift! Adorable!

  2. What a great and inventive things! And beautifully made!
    Thanks for sharing Tonya's blog, certainly something to keep in mind.

  3. Love to see what arrived in your post pat. Tonya promised me a little something yonks ago but I'm still waiting....sigh...
    Big Hugs xx

  4. These are gorgeous! I just love her work...and her upbeat personality! Have a great picnic...you're organized now!

  5. Thanks Sandra, Marie is a very thoughtful friend and commissioned this gorgeous gift for me.

    Thanks, Judy. Tonya is very inventive and the works are beautiful indeed.

    Thanks, June. I do know Tonya has had a hard time with her injury - and all these works were commissioned, so she fulfilled her business obligations. I'm sure when she's completely better she'll sew a gift for you *hugs*

    Thanks, Ann- they are gorgeous - and Tonya has a great personality despite the trials she's going through with her bad shoulder. I'm looking forward to this weekend's picnic :) xx

  6. What beautiful quilting! And they do make unique gifts. Thank you, Pat, for showing all of us.

  7. Thanks, Kathryn - I was just so excited I wanted to tell everyone :)

    I think they're smashing ! xx

  8. Those are fantastic! So glad you showed us. :)

  9. These are very handy and beautiful picnic sets. You just have to come to such things to imagine and create.
    The pencil case is really handy and very easy to take. They are beautiful and unique gifts.

  10. Thanks, Crystal. Glad you liked them :)

    Thanks Renske, they are indeed both beautiful and unique :) xx

  11. Wow , lucky you... great stuff , and even Missy got a present :-)

  12. Thanks Jane. xx
    Missy will get great enjoyment from going on the picnics too - she loves the outdoors :) xx

  13. What a lovely thing to get in the post - I love picnics :)

  14. me too, Sandie! Especially when I can take a sketching kit :) xx

  15. Those are fabulous. What a great idea. How sweet of your friend to include the brush roll also. Very handy little item

  16. I have something like this to keep my brushes, but it is not so charming as those your friend make. Beautiful! xx

  17. Popping in a couple of days later to read all the comments...plus I am just now here in my reader (oh My!). I am glad that everyone liked them. Have you enjoyed them yet? I am sure you have! Poor Missy, I promised her something long ago too. The idea is still in my head if I could just get it to production. sigh.



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