Saturday, 25 June 2011

Where did that week go?

Here we are at the end of a week which seems to have flown by!
Yesterday I went to Thurrock Art Society. I'm hoping to join and had a chat with a few of the members and watched them work. They are such a friendly bunch, so I am hoping they accept my application.

I've also done something I don't usually do - started a second painting whilst I still had one on the go.  The first had a massive wet in wet background  - so I drew and started a second when I was waiting for it to dry :)

Darling Missy watched from the comfort of her own chair in the summerhouse.
Did someone say spoiled?

Next week I hope to have the two paintings finished and ready to show you :)


  1. I wait for your works :) and in this moment I enjoy Missy's photo! Good sunday, Arianna

  2. Thanks, Arianna.. I hope you won't be disappointed when you see them :)
    Have a great Sunday xx

  3. I hope you get accepted! And I'll be patient and wait for your two paintings! Missy looks great!

  4. Thanks, Judy. I hope so too :)
    Missy's a looker, so expressive too. Wish I had that! :lol:

  5. Che bella Missy!!!
    Ciao Pat,have a nice sunday!

  6. Thanks, Francesco - I'm hoping to get my brushes wet and finish at least one painting tomorrow.
    Hope you and yours have a fabulous Sunday xx

  7. Hope you're succesful with your application, Pat - I'm sure you will be :) Glad to see you have a production line going and looking forward to seeing your new pieces. I think Louie will have his own chair like Missy when I get my summerhouse converted into a studio too :)

  8. Thanks, Michael. I'm hoping so too :)

    I was having a mad moment. I couldn't wait for the wash to dry! I don't think I'm going to make a habit of 2 at a time. Its a bit off-putting.

    Are you going to convert a summerhouse then? I can recommend insulating and lining it - and adding electricity too :)

    Missy can recommend the ikea poang chair for comfort .. and I can recommend buying it from a charity shop for value! :lol:

  9. Pat, I hope you get in the painting group. Missy looks like such an intelligent critic sitting there in her favorite chair.

  10. Yes indeed Pat, I'm thinking of converting the summerhouse. At the moment it contains my youngest step daughter's drum kit and a few chairs. I also have several guitars and a fairly big telescope to house in there too so it's going to be a bit of a squeeze but I need to get all my stuff out of the conservatory so it can be a conservatory again! It already has power but no lining or insulation so I'll look into that. Never ever been to IKEA - not that keen on meatballs really. Oh yes, Missy really is spoilt but I can see she's worth it :)

  11. That Miss sure has the life doesn't she :) Look forward to seeing both of your paintings

  12. Hi Pat, being quite impatient, I always do different watercolors at a time when one has to dry...and I find it quite stimulating too to jump from one to the other. Good work. xx

  13. Thanks, Kathryn, she does look quite smart, doesn't she? :)

    I've never been to Ikea either, Michael! One of my friends loves them and she pounced on the fact it was an ikea chair :lol: Can't tell you how much I love that summerhouse for painting - I'm sure you will too, even if you have to shoehorn yourself in!

    Oh Ann - -she has a great life now, the little cherub. I hope somehow it makes her forget the old life before we adopted her.

    I don't know I could do two together frequently, Jane! One seems to quite possessive of me at a time :lol:

  14. Nice to see you got some time in the summer house! When will you hear about Thurrock? I'm sure they'll let you in, sounds like a nice group.

    Missy looks happy in her chair, I'm guessing she was supervising proceedings! x

  15. They've told me that there are two people they have to contact to see if they still want to join - and once they get a reply they'll let me know where I stand in the queue :)

    Oh yes, Missy is the great supervisor! :lol:

  16. Missy is so cute, Pat! Did I tell you I named my new dog Mocinha and when I put this name in the translator...turned into Missy! She's recovering very well from the surgery. xx

  17. Very difficult task not spoil Missy :)
    Pat will certainly be accepted, I am very happy with it.

  18. Oh bless! Two very fortunate Missy's in this world ! Pleased to hear your one is recovering well xx

    Thanks, Nil. I hope so :) xx


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