Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My attempt at Surreal Art

The challenge on our Painting Friends forum this month was to paint in a surrealist style.

This is my effort at surreal art - and what have I learned?
1) its great fun
2) always use a ruler to measure floor tiles!

The Permanence of Breakfast


  1. Interesting... there is a Salvador Dali in you! I like how the pattern of the tiles continues in the landscape! And the painting on the easle is genius!

  2. Thanks, Judy!
    I'm quite pleased with it - especially the painting on the easel :) xx

  3. Hi Pat. Well, move over Dali! I think this should be called the 'persistence of eggs'! I like the paiting in the easel like the laughing cow with the earring that goes on forever:)

  4. las baldosas te quedaron perfectas,los tonos azules son muy bonitos,si,me gusta el resultado,felicidades,besos,conchi

  5. I love surrealism. I think if you get more depth in it, it will be great.

  6. Hi, Pat,
    Congrats! Oh~~, this interesting work reminds me of Dali, too. The dual structure in the work is fun and great. Colours are beautiful. Only the deficit is this work makes me hungry...
    Cheers, Sadami

  7. Well tried.. This does look surreal for sure..

  8. I'll have mine from under the counter Pat, even if there's not much left looking at this :P

    Sure you're having so much fun with this, it shows!

  9. Funny, something different and original,it's nice to try new things!
    A hug,Pat!

  10. It is very bright and fun. I like it.

    I bragged about you yesterday on another blog. I just couldn't help it...she asked what our inspiration was.

    Hope your spirits are up a bit. xx

  11. Very well made! I like surrealism, the eggs remind me Dalì's clocks...Arianna!

  12. Thanks, everyone!
    It was great fun to do.. I very nearly painted the coffee cup I have from the Dali museum with his signature on it :)

    Under the counter are the ingredients for a key lime pie - so that might be a good choice, Teresa :lol:

    Tonya, you're too kind.. now which blog was it so I can go look? hahahhaa


  13. I really liked, you could balance the composition and creativity especially in the sinuous form of the bridge that conversation very well with the shape of eggs.
    Congratulations Pat!


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