Sunday, 14 August 2011

Belhus Woods - Missy's day out.

We went to a fun doggy day at Belhus Woods today.
It was a day in aid of bull terrier rescue, but all dogs were welcome.
Missy thoroughly enjoyed herself - and given when we first adopted her she wasn't too keen on other dogs she did really well, with confining herself to a bout or two of yapping. That quickly ceased when daddy sat on the floor with her, and fed her cheese biscuits :) 

Belhus Woods is local to us, its a beautiful place for a walk, with or without a dog.  We met two friends there, who came back to ours afterwards for coffee and cake. And to pick up a couple of paintings - "Gently Down the Stream" and "after Kahlo's Love Embrace" They had four dogs between them, so we really had a doggy fun filled day.

I took a few pics, so you can enjoy the day with us:

Belhus Woods, the field section

Open field, grass very dry, due to heat.

The fun day stalls with Woods beyond

Go that-a-way, mummy!

We even saw an old fashioned plane fly by!

Missy being a good quiet girl :)

Missy and Paul in the woods

Home, please - I'm getting hot!

Safely belted in for the journey home.

Heat and being good are so tiring!

I hope you enjoyed our little journey through the wood and field .
No doubt some of those tree shots will be making it onto my easel  - and I'm seriously tempted by the one of Paul and Missy too :)


  1. Fantastico,un bellissimo pomeriggio e quella foto con Paul e Missy merita un quadro!!
    Ciao Pat,buona serata!!

  2. Sounds like a fun day and Missy looks like she is completely wiped out.

  3. Pat, what a fun time you must have all had. Thank you for sharing it. And, yes, the photo of Missy and Paul would be a lovely painting.

  4. I loved this every day life post! And yes, you should for sure get that photo of Paul and Missy to the easel. I will be watching for it :)

  5. Ahh....I love Missy, she is so sweet. Glad you had such a good day out and looking forward to seeing some paintings from your day.

  6. How lovely to share your photo's with us. It sounds like a lovely weekend! :0)

  7. What a great day you all had. Yes, the one of Paul and Missy would be a nice subject for a painting - watercolour or acrylic perhaps?

  8. So, Missy had a fun day. He seems exhausted after. I agree, that photograph of Paul and Missy is a lovely subject to paint.

  9. Ciao Pat,
    have a fun day and good Middle August,

  10. Ciao Pat, have a fun day and a good Middle August,

  11. thanks, everyone. We had a great day - and that pic of Paul and Missy is my favourite, one day I will make a painting of it!

  12. Whew! What a nice day! Thanks for that, Pat.

  13. I didn't know there were canine social events, but it sounds like fun! Missy is as lucky to have you as you are to have her!

  14. What a beautiful afternoon, Missy says that was the greatest joy.
    These moments in contact with nature are divine gifts.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs to all

  15. Hi Pat, what a great day!. I'm glad that you and Paul enjoyed it. And Missi of course. She is very pretty. Funny post.

  16. Pat, I can't wait to see Paul and Missy in a painting! It seems you all had a lovely day! xx


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