Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Drawings, table and connection

Good morning friends!

Shall we go in reverse order?
We will, so I'll start with connection. I reported a fault with my internet service on Saturday - and because it was the weekend, had to wait for Monday until an engineer could come.

What a wonderful man he was. My connection was having an intermittent fault, holding then dropping the service. It was so irritating, because you guessed it - it dropped when I was part way through something. Each and every time! 

This man was like a dog with a bone - he wouldn't leave until he had it fixed good and proper! The equipment got changed, the lines were tested, the microfilters, the junction box, the telephone exchange. He found the reason why and fixed it, though he was here between 8am and 4pm!
He's my hero :)

So what did we do with no proper service?

Hubby refurbished an old table to fit in with our colour scheme; it will live in the porch.

I completed a few drawings ready to paint:

and Missy was just grateful when all the works were done and she could rest!


  1. That man deserves a medal! Hope your internet problems are over now.
    You did some wonderful drawings, Pat, can't wait to see the paintings!

  2. He does, Judy!
    Now my fingers have to catch up with all that's been going on in blog land!

  3. Hi Pat. I thought you were absent from blog land a little longer than usual over the weekend! Thank goodness you're back on line and able to post again. Looking forward to seeing these fine drawings turned into paintings!

  4. thanks, Michael . It did feel odd, not being able to connect to diddly!
    Amazing how quickly we get used to something, isn't it? :) xx

  5. That man must know just how desperate we are to chat with our friends!! Still a good break is nice--much accomplished when we do that.

    That top painting seems to be placemant material, dont you think?

  6. Isn't it wonderful when someone does their job well, and is proud of the job they do~~~

    At least you, and your hubby kept busy. That is a lovely table. I also can't wait to see your artwork after you have painted them. Looking great so far!

  7. These drawings look great. Nice and strong lines and there is a lot of clarity on things without being too much of drawing.. Like it..

  8. It happens here, sometimes, and I feel lost withouth internet! Fortunately my son in law knows how to fix it and he acts just like your engineer. I think they love what they do!
    It's good to start with drawings, isn't it? Yours are great, just missing Missy, sitting in this chair. She seems so cozy and comfortable!

  9. Pat, you have been a whirlwind of activity! Time for a short rest with Missy. But those sketches to paint DO look tempting ...

  10. Wow - you've been busy! Glad you got all of your technical problems sorted - these drawings look great, I bet you're looking forward to painting them.

  11. Good notice! And lovely drawings...and Missy, of course! Arianna

  12. Glad you have resolved your internet problems...I hate it when we get trouble in computer-land! Looking forward to seeing your drawings turn into colour.

  13. Pat, I was wrong to think that you're still busy with your kitchen. That man who fixed your computer connection had really worked hard. And you too, with all the drawings you posted here. I like the first drawing and I am curious how it would look like with colors.


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