Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hypnotised - the year of painting .

We are into month five on the Painting Friends Year of Painting.

This is where you get to see all the thoughts, hopes and execution of a painting.
Enjoy :)

Number Five : Ocean

Personal Goals for this Painting

Firstly I set some goals for my thumbnails
These were:

Do a thumbnail showing the scene as is 1
On two thumbs eliminate different elements 2,3
On one thumb, be off the wall. 4
Choose which one of these thumbs to paint

Choosing 3 , I decided to paint the scene as an oil, using watercolour and aquapasto medium, and using impasto techniques.

So here's the finished painting


What works and what could be improved.

I'm pleased with the feeling of oil, but because I still reserve white, I think the white of the breaking wave could have been improved. I need to go watch some waves break to improve my observation.

Challenges Faced

Painting a wave from a photo – without lots of real life observation. I need a sea trip!

Share Personal Goals and whether you felt you Met Them

My goals were to make the four thumbs again, pick a technique for painting, namely impasto.
Did I manage that? I think so, though I can see room for improvement.

How I created the Painting.

I created the painting by painting the wave first. A few different colours and strokes, then scumbling along the crest of the wave to give a foam effect. Dry brush for the foam on the shore and simplified figures, with just shadow and light. Sand was yellow ochre and a little sepia too.

Size of Painting, Medium, Palette and Brushes.

The painting is on Bockingford 140 Not and is 15” x 5”
The medium is pencil for the under drawing and watercolour and aquapasto for the painting.
W&N artists quality paint.
Palette colours used : French Ultramarine, Indigo, Yellow Ochre., Sepia.
Brush: Kolinsky numbers 12 and 7


  1. I think this is fabulous! I like the aquapaste effect, that is just right for this painting. I like the light and shadow figures too!

  2. Thanks, Judy!
    Those figures are my kind of people - very easy to paint :lol:
    I'm pretty pleased with the result, but still think I need a trip to the sea! :) xx

  3. I don't know a thing about all the technical stuff but I do like the painting

  4. Hi Pat - Love this painting, you've given it the anticipation factor too with the way the people are looking at this wave heading their way. I wouldn't worry about adding to the wave, as it goes out of the picture at the top, it leaves something for the viewer to imagine. But, if you happen to be in North Devon pop along to Woolacombe (boy do we get waves sometimes) and stop by for a cuppa!!

  5. Pat, I think it's a great impression of waves crashing on the beach. I am surprised you did so much with what I would call a limited palette. And I do love that aquapasto.

  6. Wonderful painting, Pat! I love the colors and the figures are perfect!

    A trip to the sea needs no excuse :)

  7. Ma è bellissimo,sei un genio Pat!!!
    Ciao,buona e serena domenica!!

  8. Exquisite piece of work Pat!
    Thank you for your flattering comment about my needle felted bird.. I am still on a learning path and truly appreciate you thoughts..
    Have a wonderful weekend. See you next week

  9. Great idea to do a thumbnail sketch. And what a great wave!

  10. Very interesting Pat, and a lovely end result. ;-)

  11. This is gorgeous, Pat. The composition is nicely balanced and really works, great choice of palette, love those figures and that wave gets a big WOW from me - I love seascapes, as you may have already guessed :)

  12. This is a beautiful painting Pat. The colors are beautiful become. I would just run away from the wave. He is so big

  13. Thanks, Ann. The technical stuff isn't so important - only the painting! Glad you love it :) xx

    Thank you, Ann - if I'm ever that way, I will pop in!

    Thanks, Kathryn - aquapasto is fab - as are limited palettes.. makes you very creative!

  14. Thank you, Jan.. and its true - no excuse is needed.. I am packing my bucket and spade right now :)

    Francesco, you're too kind. Thank you - and have a wondrous Sunday xx

    Thanks, Penny - so glad you like it xx

  15. Thanks Sandra - that wave is a beauty, but I wouldn't be standing so close! xx

    Thanks, John - glad you liked it xx

    Cheers Michael - I do like the wave, really, but still feel I could improve. I love the sea too.. see you down there, I'm the artist in the anorak with a white dog next to me :) xx

    Thanks Renske.. I would run too - but the front person seems hypnotised, hence the title. Hubby thought the wave looked like a tsunami - he said the people should get out :lol:

  16. I love your creation Pat. it's terrific.
    Reminds me, I was surprised by a huge wave once and it nearly finished me. The memory still causes shudders.
    Hugs xx

  17. thanks, June!

    Same nearly happened to me too - the undertow almost dragged me under :(
    Have had more respect for the sea, since!

  18. Ineresante trabajo Pat, me gusta el resultado.

  19. It is a beautiful painting! I don't have much fear but I do of the sea. It is just so...big, ominous, yet beautiful at the same time. I love to watch but don't care to be in it. I say--go take your trip to the sea!

  20. Hi Pat, its great painting love the style colour the way the two people are painted, and how you have explained how it came about.
    Hugs to missy
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx


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