Friday, 19 August 2011

A thing of Beauty

The kitchen is finished! And very beautiful it is too.

I have watched it grow from the bare bones of stripped back walls, to the room where I can create a culinary masterpiece.How creative my builders are.

Whilst I've watched the building, I in turn have been watched.
The workmen have been the first to see my new paintings and have marvelled at how I created them.

Seeing them work reminds me of art.
We start with the bare bones of a blank sheet of paper  - and from there something beautiful grows. Whether we draw or go straight in with paint, whether we paint loose or tight, abstract or realistic... we create. It will be a thing of beauty. Even the paintings we may think - oh, that's nothing - others will see the beauty we sometimes miss.

Just like my kitchen.

Happy creating, whatever you create. Never lose the wonder.

If you want to see all the kitchen photos in one place, go HERE


  1. OK, I'm getting jealous now! It is a beautiful kitchen Pat, but I would have to lock it up when I wasn't there to protect it from the wanton oceanic size smearings of chocolate porridge and vast beaches of toast crumbs - the tell-tale signs of certain young people!

  2. The result was excellent, you have a lovely new kitchen, Pat!
    I am delighted to see how building is much easier in USA than here in Brazil. Our way is still very time consuming,it would take you at least three months to do the same here.I also noticed a message for me in your words, thanks my friend

  3. thanks, Michael - no young 'uns here which is why we have it so open :)

    And thank you Anamaria - but I am in Essex, England, not in America. And my builder was blistering fast at 2 weeks and one day. We did the painting, so we took a little longer!

    I'm glad you caught the truth of the words *hugs*

  4. Wonderful kitchen! I'm also quite jealous. There is a great lesson there: start with the basics! Happy creating (culinary or painting)!

  5. thanks Judy.
    and happy creating to you too xx

  6. Looks fresh and inviting, Pat. Wish we could have coffee/tea together and enjoy it.

  7. Hi,Pat,
    Congrats, your new nice kitchen!! Your post is full of the dep truth on art & creativity. I'd love to remember it. BTW, what did you cook first?

  8. Ann, how I wish we could do that too :)
    Someone needs to invent that "beam me up Scotty" device :)

    Thank you , Sadami. SO glad you could see the truth in it.
    First meal was wholewheat fusilli in a pesto sauce, with lemon cheesecake for afters :)

  9. Congratulations Pat Your kitchen is wonderful. Lots of light and plenty of room to move around, to cook and bake.
    Elsbeth xx

  10. Truely a work of art, Pat. How wonderful~~~
    Hugs :)

  11. Excellent work, I admired it on their blog; be happy and spend a good weekend! Arianna

  12. Oh Pat, your new kitchen is so bright and elegant! I am so happy for you. May you all enjoy many happy hours there.

  13. Wonderful kitchen! I hope ther is some space on your wall for some of your paintings :0)

  14. Your kitchen looks amazing, enjoy!!

  15. oh, Pat, what a treat for you to cook in there... It's a beauty alright..
    Your not only a good artist but you cook too?
    I am not a cook, however I love a pretty kitchen..It has to look good.
    Enjoy that masterpiece !!! BJ

  16. Your kitchen looks wonderful Pat. So glad it is all finished and you are able to get on and use it.

  17. Mom says, nice kitchen, she loves white, me I don't mine as long as shes cooking in there!!!and drops some of the food on the floor:)
    Enjoy your new kitchen.
    Hugs to Missy
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  18. Very inviting kitchen. It became really a lovely place to stay. Happy cooking and eating.

  19. Sorry for the misunderstanding, Pat, I know you're in England but I forgot for a moment. I think I'm followuing too many blogs!

  20. oh Pat your kitchen looks fabulous. How fun for you to watch the builders and they to watch you.

  21. Congratulations on your new kitchen! It looks great!

  22. Thanks, everyone .
    I do love to cook - and I love a kitchen which is clean and bright.
    I have it all now :)
    Shame I can't get you all here to have a cuppa and a slice of cake with me :) xx

  23. Would love to just hop on over for a cuppa and a slice of cake! That kitchen is beautiful!!


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