Friday, 12 August 2011

Creature comforts!

Whilst all the planning of the kitchen was going on, Missy wrapped the builder and tiler round her little paw!

The builder made her a little present - her very own pet tray made from the same worktop as our units. That was a complete surprise to us, but not to Missy! She's used to adoration :)

 and then, the tiler laid a beautiful, natural slate floor. When he'd gone, Missy was delighted to find that this floor was wonderfully cool on a hot day. What bliss to cool your tummy !

She showed the tiler some of her tricks - and he found it unbelievable that a rescued doggy could learn so much and would do the tricks for him too!
His staffy, Dylan , is in for some training now :)
Hope you do as well as Missy, Dylan!


  1. Ah...Missy is SO sweet, I'm not surprised she wrapped the builder round her paw. How kind of him to build a bespoke tray for her. You must be very pleased with your kitchen if the flooring is anything to go by Pat, it looks really lovely.....regards, ann.

  2. Hi,Pat,
    I love your posts always make me happy and heart warming. Pass my best wishes to Missy and your hard workers for the kitchen.

  3. What a lucky girl you are Missy :) Louie has one of the earthenware bowls outside too. It's clearly marked 'Dog' so it's quite funny to see Tom, one of our cats, drinking from it! Love the slate floor, Pat. I want one!

  4. What a nice present for Missy! And I am in love with your slate floor, beautiful!

  5. Ann, I'm delighted with the kitchen!
    We have a little more painting and some lights to fit - when that's all done, I'll take some after photos :)

    The builder I can't praise highly enough, and what he did for Missy sealed the praise :) xx

    Thanks, Sadami - so glad you enjoy my posts :)
    Will give Missy and the builder a special food treat from you :) xx

    She is a lucky girl, Michael - as are we to have found workers who love her too! The floor is a dream :) xx

    Its a lovely present, Judy.
    I'm in love with my floor too :) xx

  6. Pat, I love this post! You are so very fortunate to have such a wonderful four-legged friend as Missy. Her bowls are beautiful!

  7. That's very nice that the builder made that for Missy. Your new slate floor looks really beautiful

  8. Missy is really very lucky, she gets so much attention, even from the builder. Nice floor, good job by the builder.

  9. What a lovely present! I think its very helpful too. My dogs's dishes are stainless steel, they slip when they eat! I think I'll copy Missy's tray, if she doesn't mind. Well, I'll have to design a cart to carry eigth trays lol Maybe it works!!! xx

  10. Oh, that is sweet! What a great gift for Missy.

    Love your floor!

  11. Now that sounds like my type of builder. anyone who makes a special tray for the family dog is A-OK in my book

  12. How nice was that?! Missy, everyone just adores you!

  13. Thanks, everyone!
    Yes, Missy is a lucky girl - but so are we to have her.

    The builder is wonderful, he's a star. Can't recommend him highly enough.
    Shame you're so far, Anamaria, I'd have him make one - or four - for you! :)

    and you're right Tonya, she is adored :)

  14. What a beautiful day for Missy :) hugs, Arianna!

  15. What a nice gift for sweet, little Missy. The builder was very thoughtful. What he did for, Missy, doesn't happen very often in these days. Uplifting post, Pat. Thank you~~~

  16. Missy is a lucky dog, but also a very special dog, this beautiful face makes me want to grab it:)


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