Thursday, 4 August 2011

Exploding Into Life

Morning all - the kitchen is progressing really well.
If you would like to see the progress in photos, go to the Kitchen Specialists blog HERE

I managed to do a painting also!

Exploding Into Life

Its one of those paintings, that if you look very closely, you will see all manner of things within. Already I can see a dog and a face! Happy hunting should you care to join in :)


  1. Your kitchen is coming along well Pat.
    I love this painting, it's so full of life. Hope you're well. Have a great day.
    Hugs June xx

  2. Thanks, June.
    He's doing very well with the kitchen and is going to chart the whole progress over the next week or so on his blog :)

    Glad you like the painting, it does feel quite vibrant! xx

  3. Just when I was thinking "What is Pat talking about?" I saw a face! :-) Great painting!
    What a nice idea to blog about the kitchenwork, looks good!

  4. The first face is only the beginning, Judy :lol: You'll keep on seeing things, now :)

    The kitchen photos are cool :) He's doing a great job - we're very happy! xx

  5. Your kitchen is very nice, good work :) like the painting! Arianna

  6. Oh your kitchen looks so good. By the way I see a palm holding something that is hidden away from us..

  7. Glad your kitchen is coming along so well....and your painting is lovely, yes I saw the face/s. I usually get faces when I paint rocks!

  8. I thought this is only a group of leaves of a tulip plant or other related plants. But when I looked closely I noticed what Judy had also seen: a face. Noticeable in the painting are the eyes. Lovely. The people doing your kitchen are doing their work great.

  9. All that and a painting too!

  10. Love this painting, Pat - can't say "why", but it is most appealing! Good luck with the kitchen.

  11. I'm sure if I looked longer and my imagination was in full working order I would have found plenty in there. I did see a face. That is a really nice painting

  12. Wow - now you venture in to abstract! I admire that there is nothing you wont try out. And you are right - I can see all sorts in there :0)

  13. What a great idea to see the renovation of your kitchen on a blog. Beautiful painting Pat with lovely colours. It's looks like an aloë plant.

  14. Thanks, Arianna, Glad you like it :)

    Thank you Prabal - the men are doing a great job!
    Wow! a palm - now you say that, I can see it! xx

    Thanks, Ann. Sometimes I have a game with myself to see what I can see in one of paintings. I surprise myself sometimes :lol: xx

  15. Thanks Cora! It pleases the child in me to find faces and dogs and even butterflies. Hope you had fun! xx

    haha! yes, BJ. Hope you liked it :) xx

    Thanks, Kathryn. I am glad it appealed to you xx

  16. Thank you Ann. The more you look the more you see. Your imagination is fine if you saw a face! xx

    Thanks, Sandra.. nothing ventured... that's me and painting, you know :)
    All sorts are in there. The tower of liquorice kind :) xx

    Thanks Renske. It felt like a plant to me too. Now I have to look up the aloe plant. Only ever seen a cut leaf at a time! xx

  17. Very real feeling---I know I saw that plant somewhere.....

  18. Meu Anjo..
    Agora, neste momento,
    onde quer que esteja,
    sinta o coração tranqüilo,
    a alma leve, a mente junto da luz.
    Sinta neste momento, o ar que te rodeia,
    a vida que pulsa perfeita em você.
    Não se descuide nunca!!!!
    Dê sempre a você, o melhor...
    aceitando a transformação dos tempos,
    aprendendo que a cada dia,
    muito está reservado para a você.
    Então, seja feliz agora..
    Seus lindos Sonhos realizados.
    Um final de semana lindo e abençoado.
    Sua Amizade Para Mim é Tudo.
    Estou feliz em encontrar seu blog e seguir você.
    Convido a conhecer e seguir o meu também.

  19. Thanks Sharon - does have a real but can't quite put my finger on it feeling :) xx

    Lovely poem, Evanir.
    What did you think of the painting? xx

  20. Pat, I see two lovebirds on a branch:-)

  21. Lots of hidden things to see in this lovely fresh painting Pat.Yesterday I was sitting on the beach and could see animals in the negative sky shapes between clouds - now I'm seeing like an artist LOL! I love your kitchen, very classy, and we cooks need the best ;)

  22. Thanks, Michael!
    That's my favourite game you were playing - seeing shapes in clouds and sky!
    The kitchen is looking splendid so far!
    Enjoy the rest of your hols xx

  23. Do you Christiane? How lovely.
    Someone told me they saw the letter L.O.V.E. but I haven't quite seen those yet ! xx

  24. How interesting that they have a blog! I think all businesses should. I popped over there and haven't seen new photos but I will keep watching.

  25. Pat also like to seek unexpected images in my work, is good fun:)
    Congratulations on your painting is beautiful with a transparency.


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