Sunday, 31 July 2011

For Sandra and Prabal

For Sandra and Prabal, who very kindly tagged me in a post.
Usually I don't do tag posts or awards, as you may have noticed.
But this one was relating to art and my personal feelings, so I'm having a go!

The questions:

– Your most beautiful post
– Your most popular post
– Your most controversial post
– Your most helpful post
– A post whose success surprised you
– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
– The post that you are most proud of

My most beautiful post is also the one I am most proud of. 
In Immolatum I see the beauty of the sacrifice that Jesus made for me. His face, though in pain, is beautiful to me. 
I am most proud of it, because I wanted to paint Him since first I put brush to paper, some 14 years ago. Only with this post, did I feel ready. Its an achievement and a milestone for me. 

My most popular post is the one where I talked of The Great Scheme of Things and Artistic Ambition
How we progress as artists and yet keep our feet on the ground. And my own artistic ambition. Not letters after my name, nor prize winning paintings... you'll have to read it to see what! 

Most controversial is tricky.  I don't aim to be controversial. I paint with love and feeling. 
Perhaps I shall give the title of this to The Diamond Roxy
Not because of any great controversy, but from the comments. Some of my arty friends showed how I could possibly improve and the owner of the dog leapt to the painting's defense saying she wouldn't change a thing. That's about as controversial as I get :) 

My most helpful post

was a recent one, Its All About Art . I had been to an art event in London and one of the artists there that I was talking to had free online lessons. I posted the link so that all my blogging friends who may not have access to classes could get some tuition online. 

a post who success surprised me was Jellyfish: Black and White
Its had more views in the last month than it had when I posted it! 

a post that didn't get the attention it deserved has to be one from when I first started blogging and I only had a few followers. 
Inspiration.. how Sowing the Seeds came to be

The original posts that Sandra and Prabal tagged me in were posted last week when we were in the throes of the first week of the kitchen rebuild.  I'm late, so I'm not tagging anyone. If you haven't participated and you'd like to look back over your own blog, please do copy the questions and post on your own blog.  Kind regards, Pat xx


  1. It's lovely to see these paintings in one post. I love the hands Sowing the Seeds! Had not seen that one before. Happy Sunday!

  2. I love so much Immolatum! Kisses, Arianna

  3. Pat,
    Great post.. I just loved each painting..And the painting of the sowing seeds theme is amazing..

  4. Pat, I enjoyed this post very much! It said so much about you as an artist.
    I just started my new, and final blog, so I don't have enough posted to answer the questions.
    Maybe some other time :)
    Your paintings were all wonderful~~~

  5. This was really fun - nice to "get to know you" a little bit better, Pat!
    I love that jelly fish too! But Roxy... I just love those dogs! How's your darling? Edward says Hi!

  6. that's a very interesting tag. I've never seen one like this before. It gave us the change to get another look at some of your work too. So a + for us :)

  7. Thanks, Judy, the sowing seeds came from 2009 - 2 years I've been blogging - and still love it! xx

    Me too, Arianna. I'm so lucky to see it hanging on my wall, daily xx

    Thanks Prabal. I love the meaning behind Sowing the Seeds too. One of my more thoughtful paintings :) xx

  8. Thank you Jan xx

    Thanks, Ann. Ah my dogs - a bit part of my heart :) Missy is fine and says hi to the darling Edward xx

    Thank you Ann. glad you enjoyed getting a backwards glance :) xx

  9. Dear Pat,
    This post impresses me so much. Pat, you're so honest. Observing ourselves like a third person is not easy. But you reviewed yourself and wrote about it in a candid way. Great and weldone.
    Pat, I'm so proud of myself being counted one of your friends. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for taking part Pat. And it's a great selection! I love the flower - I hadn't seen that before :0)

  11. Thank you, Sadami. Your comment touched my heart xx

    Took me a while to get there, Sandra, but I'm glad I did - and that you enjoyed the selection xx

  12. Dear Pat,
    It was such a fantastic retrospective of his blog, you are so special and sincere, sensitive artist and a human.
    Thank you for teaching us so much.
    A big hug

  13. Dear Pat,
    It was such a fantastic retrospective of his blog, you are so special and sincere, sensitive artist and a human.
    Thank you for teaching us so much.
    A big hug

  14. Thank you Nil.
    I'm touched by your kind words xx

  15. This was very interesting. I did look at Sowing the Seeds long ago. Hopefully more looked today. I miss you. I even said so for my post tomorrow for all the world to see. I will find more time to chat with you. Somehow. xx

  16. You did indeed comment on Sowing the Seeds when it was first posted, Tonya. So long ago , you were the only one!

    I am so looking forward to having this kitchen finished when I shall have more time too - and not a stolen few minutes before the builder arrives! xx

  17. What a great post Pat! I loved seeing your feelings about your art, that jellyfish one is beautiful. And great work on your most beautiful post of Jesus. I know exactly how you feel. :)

  18. Dear Pat, it's fantastic to see all these paintings in a post. I haven't see the hands you painted, they are so expressive, I like them so much. Hope you kitchen is getting ready!xx

  19. Pat, thank you for your very sweet comment on my giveaway post. I really had been wondering why, when there are so many blogs to read, someone would choose to spend their time reading mine. Because if I know what people like, I can keep doing that.

    Everyone left such gracious, loving comments, and I wish I could give gifts to all of them. Alas, though, I only have one Home Warming book. However, I have decided that I love having giveaways, so I am going to do them every once in a while for no reason. And I'm totally open to UK participation, so be sure to enter my next one.

    Your paintings are beautiful!! What a gift you have. The one of the Lord Jesus is awesome!! Very inspired, I'm sure.

    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous artwork.



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