Thursday, 7 July 2011

And now... for something completely different!

Good morning, friends!

I have subtitled my blog as a journey... and today's post is all about a learning part of this journey.

Here's the flower painting close up

and here it is on the easel at a distance of about four-five feet away.

Looks quite dramatic for a watercolour, doesn't it?
That's because some of this - Winsor and Newton Aquapasto - has been added to the wash before the paint hit the paper.

This was given to me by my art tutor, Steve Cook last Wednesday, as he thought I was "on the brink of creativity" :)
I have had great fun playing with it - it turns your watercolour washes into a buttery consistency, like oils. I took this painting back to the art class this week and Steve thought it had great impact, and did indeed look like an oil.

I love it!
I painted the picture vertically and I was standing! Made a lovely change from sitting down to work - and helped me free up immensely. It also made a difference in being able to stand back and assess the picture. Not something I do enough when I'm sitting!

I can see me using this a great deal. I don't think my workbox will ever be without it. :)
Next for me to try is a moody sky over a lake in Scotland.. watch this space!


  1. Very interesting Pat! Oh no, I haven't got any of this magic potion, will my wife's hair gunk work do you think LOL?
    But seriously, I agree with you about the beenfits of being able to stand back from our work, something I only do if I paint in oils, although I don't actually stand to paint - I need a big easel to do that :)

  2. Hair gel? Who knows? Give it a go :lol: Or buy the pukka stuff for about £6 :)

    That easel in the picture I recently bought. Its a plein aire one, very light, can be stood on a table top or extended to full height so its standing on the floor. Its a jakar adjustable and it cost about £20. Get that birthday wish list written :) xx

  3. Interesting stuff! Very dramatic, this yellow flower!
    I like standing up to paint, for exactly the reasons you mention: working more freely and looking at the painting from more distance.

  4. Thanks for this interesting information. Have never tried it. The painting really glows. Great work.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. had no idea such a thing existed.

  6. Hi, Pat,
    Very interesting post and the nice work. Thank you for the info on a prodect.
    It makes me think of my style--often keep papers upright. I know your feeling well. Enjoy freedom and have fun.
    Cheers, Sadami

  7. It certainly gives an oil look to your work Pat. I like to stand while I work anyway, so this is a big help without the drips! Have fun!

  8. Yes, very interesting Pat. The painting is beautifully painted with aquapasto. I do not know it. That's a nice easel and not really expensive. Are you going too plain aire painting like Michael?

  9. Love this Pat. I do have a question about your easel...looks light weight and easily portable. Is it? What kind is it? Placing an order today and going to get some aquapasto. Must try it!

  10. Thanks, Judy! I did enjoy the standing up :) xx

    Thanks, Asit. The next one will be dark and moody so I can see the range of this product :) xx

    Thanks, Prabal . Nor did I know - only my tutor gave it to me as a gift! xx

    Thanks, Sadami - I'm having fun alright .. best thing about painting :) xx

    You'd love this too then, Dora - unless you really love the drippy look! xx

    Thanks, Renske. Its a really nice easel - and yes, I plan to paint outdoors also :) xx

    Deb its very lightweight. 2lb ( 1kg) It even came with its own carry bag, which you can sling over your arm with the strap attached!

  11. Pat, your "something different" turned out very well. I must say, that Aquapasto sounds very interesting - a must try!

  12. Pat thank you for sharing the info. I'll try that aquapasto, it's interesting. i hope you'll write more about your experiences on using that aquapasto.

  13. Oh Pat that just brings so much to your painting! I love it--looks like the vase can come right off the canvas. Can't wait to see more!

  14. interessante Pat,non conoscevo questo prodotto,l'effetto è molto bello!
    Scusa il ritardo,oggi è stata una lunga giornata di lavoro:-)
    Buona serata!!

  15. Thanks, Kathryn - I really do like it. I think its a must for me from now on :) xx

    Thank you Cora - I will indeed be writing more - I have a painting of a sunset in the pipeline :) xx

    Thanks, Sharon! If you were here to see it, you would see it leap off the paper. Its really fab! xx

    Oh Francesco, so sorry you had a long day at work. You never need to say sorry, though. We all have other things we have to do too. Some days I am two days before I catch up.

    I never knew about the product either, it was only my tutor gave it to me to try.. and he let me keep it. I love this flower :) xx

  16. Very interesting stuff this aquapasto, I didn't know it, but will absolutely look for it, and yes your painting really looks like oil, very beautiful.

  17. it's very pretty. don't you love it when you find a fabulous new product?

  18. It's always good to have new information, thanks for sharing.
    Very strong work, Pat, I like it! xx

  19. I really like this Pat, love how you venture into something new so freely, and with such heart, you are so inspiring!

  20. molto bello, brava!
    ciao, paola

  21. Thanks a lot Pat, for the info on this magic product. The effect of Aquapasto looks really beautiful on your yellow flowers. Ciao.

  22. Thanks, Jane xx

    Love it even better when I'm given one, Ann :lol: xx

    Thanks, Anamaria - it is strong, for sure! xx

  23. Thank you Maria. I'm just so in love with painting, I like to share that love xx

    Thank you, Paola xx

    You're welcome, Tito .. I hope some find it useful and are maybe tempted to try also :) xx

  24. Pat, Hi I'm a bit under the weather so slow in getting back the past few days. LOve, love this ... Question ? are you painting on watercolor paper or on canvas? I looked and looked back but don't see where it says..
    hugs to you... ps thanks for always coming by.. BJ

  25. Hi BJ.. sorry to read you've been poorly *hugs*
    Didn't I say? What an eejit.. its on watercolour paper. Cotman 140 Not surface. xx

  26. Don't you just LOVE LOVE LOVE to learn fun new things?

    I will anxiously watch for more.

  27. I just posted the new one, Tonya xx

  28. Pat did not know this stuff here in my country artistic material is hard to find even more news.
    Interesting effect, very close to the oil, thanks for sharing.


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