Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cowgirl VI: Looking to the Future

Good Sunday morning to you all !

We had such a wet day yesterday, that I sat at the dining table and painted in the afternoon.
I thought it would be a treat to have another in the Cowgirl Series.
If you'd like to see I-V, click Here and scroll down a little.

So, after Masking the Pain (V), our girl is getting over the break up and the pain has faded. She is looking forward to the future again.

Cowgirl VI: Looking to the Future

And in other news, Missy has had her annual check. The vet has said she's in fabulous shape for 13.5, with everything in tip top condition. There is no sign of any cancer regrowth, either.  And when the vet gave her a piece of duck as a treat, darling Missy was so delighted, she made a huge fuss of the man :) 
Here she is, once we were home :

Thanks for visiting my blog - and have a blessed Sunday all xx


  1. This cowgirl is very cute.. A reluctant cowgirl. :)

  2. She does have a cute feel to her, Prabal. :) Maybe I'll have to get her on a horse for the next one :) xx

  3. She looks great! Lovely shadows! Nice to see another cowgirl painting.
    And I'm happy to hear that Missy is in such fabulous shape!

  4. Thanks, Judy! I do like a good shadow - helps to make a strong painting :)

    And thanks on the Missy front too, we were also happy to hear that news :) xx

  5. Cowgirl definitely has some fresh optimism in her gaze. Lovely piece Pat and well done you for doing something creative while we had a bit of weather! One of the bins outside has about eight inches of water in it!
    Pets are a worry at times so very pleased to hear Missy gor a clean bill of health and a treat for being a brave girl too!

  6. Glad you think she's looking optimistic, Michael.. it was the effect I was aiming for :)

    I know, it was diabolical weather yesterday .. thank heaven for water butts, eh?

    The times that pets worry us is thankfully miniscule compared to the joy they bring. And Missy brings us such joy :) xx

  7. Hi,Pat,
    Good work! Especially a shadow, colours and background are nice. Keep up! Very happy for you and Missy ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ!! Have a wonderful Sunday.

  8. wonderful painting of the cowgirl. So good to see her looking so optimistic.
    Great news about Missy too

  9. Oh great to see the Cowgirl revisited. Great work Pat and so glad to hear that Missy has a clean bill of health which is great for her age.

  10. Yay, the cowgirl rides again! I like the limited colour range in this one, it has a very retro feel to it. Nice shadows too.

    Nice to hear that Missy is officially full of beans too (no great surprise there from me tho!)

  11. Thanks, Sadami, Ann, Dors and Sharon.

    Glad you all enjoyed the painting, and thank you all so much for the good wishes for Missy. We all appreciate it xxxx

  12. Cowgirl is a lovely piece Pat and the others too.
    Oh fun, Bibi is almost as old (13.2 years) as Missy. Good to hear that Missy is okay.

  13. Thanks Renske. Glad you like the painting.

    Good health to Bibi, too! xx

  14. I love the story behind your cowgirl series. It's always nice when there is a tale to tell. I like it! :0)

  15. I adore your cowgirls and I'm very happy that Missy is very well! Arianna xx

  16. Hello Pat, I'm very happy that Missy is doing very well and with this wonderful face, give her a kiss for me.
    Nice work of Cowgril, his look is really for the future, and a good future:)
    Big hug my dear

  17. It is good to see our cowgirl again!

    Missy, good for you, girl!

  18. Thanks, Sandra. Glad you're enjoying her story :) xx

    Thank you Arianna - nice to know you're enjoying the Cowgirls. And thanks for being happy for Missy xx

    Thanks, Nil. She does have a lovely face - and she'll be kissed for you, for sure :)
    Glad you liked the Cowgirl too :) xx

    Thank you Tonya! I enjoyed painting another cowgirl!
    It is good news for Missy, we're thrilled xx

  19. Hi Pat, this new cowgirl looks very nice. I like the shadows and her gaze! Ciao!

  20. This is the first I've seen of your Cowgirl series and I love it. What a lovely idea.

  21. Love the cowgirl Pat. Especially the violet shadow under her hat. :) And glad to hear Missy's doing well! She doesn't look any older than seven to me!

  22. complimenti veramente un buon lavoro, ciao

  23. Thank you for another cowgirl- I love them! Glad she's happy, too. And woo hoo for the good check up for Missy- our pets are so important!

  24. Thanks, John. You can find the others on my gallery site

    Thanks, Crystal - I love shadows, think they help to make a painting sing :)
    And Missy does look good, doesn't she? :)

    Thanks, Luisa xx

    Cheers. Sheryl. I have a soft spot for the cowgirl too :)
    We were delighted with the vet check. Missy is a huge part of our lives xx


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