Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Two of us.

When there is no time to paint, sometimes  I draw.  Sometimes I put my feet up on the sofa too :lol:

Last night, whilst Paul was cooking supper (angel hair pasta and pesto sauce for those who like to know) I picked up a HB pencil and drew some fruit .

They remind me of my hubby and I - oddly shaped, but we're a pair too :)


  1. And what a great pair they are... and you are! Hooray to your husband to cook such a delicious supper!

  2. Super drawing Pat. What could be nicer than getting your feet up and sketching. Note to self: do more drawing - painting is drawing with colour. I see hubby Paul has been given the order of the apron in your house too :)

  3. I wish I can draw as good as you are. I don't know but I always have in my head the thought that I am not good in drawing. Fortunately I never lost my courage to always try.

  4. Thanks, Judy :) xx

    Thanks, Michael :)
    He's only an honorary member of the Order of the Apron, which means he cooks once a week ! I just make the most of it :lol:

    Keeping trying, Cora - as my blog friend Sadami says - "there's no magic but practise!" xx

  5. Oh my... I love your humor! It is funny how we do become more strangely shaped as we get older... But these pairs... they look so good together so I guess you are doing just great!
    Nice drawing!

  6. thanks Ann, glad you like - and understand - my humour :) xx

  7. Great post.. It made me smile. have a great day..

  8. Dear Pat,
    What a lovely work and so nice post! Daaarling, you must have very "hot" dinner and night.

  9. LOVE these Pat! Very nice! ANd the pesto sounds great. :)

  10. Hi Pat
    The still life is nice. I love pencil drawings, and more subtly you have found an amusing metaphor to these pears(smile)xx

  11. These are really well drawn! I love the way you have shaded them and left those wonderful highlights :0)

  12. It's a lovely drawing and a good arrangement if you can do some sketching while your hubby does the dinner :)

  13. Yes, you form a couple
    Delicious :)
    Pat in my opinion, is extremely important to exercise the design be it graphite, charcoal or pen, gain skills
    and security in our paintings.
    It's pretty good, and certainly the dinner too :D

  14. Smiling is good, Prabal :) I like humour :) xx

    Thanks, Sadami :) We go well together :) xx

    Thanks, Crystal :) xx

    Thanks Elsbeth, glad you liked my humour too :) xx

    Thanks Sandra. I love to paint expressively - and then I love the discipline of drawing also xx

    Thanks, Sandie. Its a great arrangement :) xx

    Thank you Nil. It certainly is a good thing to be able to draw - it does give a great foundation to painting! xx

  15. Dear Pat, I like you drawing and your words too. Sense of humor is a great quality, you made me smile! xx


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