Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Through thick and thin

I've been busy with the aquapasto again!

Two smaller paintings, both 11 x7 . Arches 140 Rough.

Trying out the two ends of the medium - applying it very thickly and then very thinly on the second.
First painting up is the thick aquapasto

Raw Perry

and the second is the thinly applied aquapasto

The Sea Dog

As always, I appreciate your comments and observations and critiques. 

I've enjoyed using the aquapasto, stretching its limits. I have found I can't blend it too well. But then it is for impasto work, so I will enjoy it for what it can do. 

I am going to return now to watercolour, pure and simple. I'm missing some aspects, like the fizzing of the colours on paper.  There'll be some of each in my future - I love them both!  Take care and enjoy the week xx


  1. Hi, Pat,
    Each work has a different outcome. I'd really appreciate your sharing the info. Thank you!

  2. Hi Sadami, I like to share, it might help someone along the way. Hopefully it doesn't detract from the magic of painting :) xx

  3. Hi Pat, interesting results! I like them both. But I can understand that you miss some aspects of pure watercolour.

  4. Hi Pat. I think you have shown us in your lovely experimental pieces that it is a useful addition to any watercolourist's armoury :)

  5. Thanks, Judy !
    I am sure after a while I shall miss using impasto.. there's going to have to be some of each :) xx

    Thanks, Michael. Glad you've liked the paintings - and it is indeed a very useful medium :) xx

  6. I think when thinned the acqupasto does not show its character. At least that is what it seems to me from the photograph. But when used thick it gives very good results. The first painting is a beauty I thought. Thanks again for sharing all this..

  7. Very cool Pat, I can't wait to try this aquapasto, something new to try! Love the darks in your top painting, I sometimes struggle to get my darks dark enough.

  8. That's odd - For some reason I can't see the second! Never mind, the first is gorgeous! Such rich, bold colours! I like it :0)

  9. I think you're right, Prabal. It definitely is much better when its thick. I can only see it in the background on the thinner version!
    Happy to share, glad you've enjoyed it. xx

    Maria, I hope you have fun! I certainly have :) xx

    How odd, Sandra :( Maybe it will be back for you on your next visit.
    The colours are indeed rich and bold. You wouldn't name it for a watercolour at first glance .. maybe not even at second! xx

  10. Pears are done very well! With drops of water...good day, Arianna!

  11. Pat, your aquapasto figs are truly great. Bravo!!

  12. Thanks Arianna, glad you like the pears and the droplets :) xx

    ah, Kathryn, you're very kind, but these figs are pears! :) xx

  13. I like your painting of the man best here Pat. While I can see some uses in watercolour for aquapasto, I think to do a whole painting using it might detract from the beautiful characteristics of watercolour.

  14. Coming from a traditional point of view, I would agree with you, Frank. Watercolour is a beautiful medium all on its own.

    From my asthmatic point of view, I love that aquapasto can give me an opportunity to produce a piece of work that has a feel of oil, but doesn't aggravate my lungs.

    This is one occasion I can happily have a foot in both camps! :) xx

  15. The pears are wonderful Pat. The thickness of aquapasto works well with the pears. The second painting is beautiful, but that's more like a watercolor painting. Especially the reflection in the sunglasses is well done.

  16. Thanks Renske. I love the pears too :)
    And yes, the second has a more traditional watercolour feel.
    Glad you like them both xx

  17. Ciao Pat,il primo mi piace molto,il soggeto è interessante e ben riuscito!
    Bel lavoro,come sempre!!
    Un abbraccio!

  18. Thanks, Francesco. I love those pears too xx

  19. I love them both, Pat, but the first one probably shows much better the true characteristics of aquapasto. Could one use aquapasto in just part of a watercolor painting?

  20. Hi Pat, to me the pears looks really beautiful, I like them. Interesting medium, but as you said, Aquapasto should be used for what it can do. Ciao!

  21. Christiane, yes you could use it in one part only - there are no rules! :) xx

    Thanks Tito. I think they're beautiful too :) It does do impasto the best, but you know - sometimes you have to try every single direction :) xx

  22. Nice post, Pat- I've never tried aquapasto before, looks like you are having fun and experimenting. I have been away from painting and blogging for a while, and am trying to catch up with posts I've missed- definitely enjoyed seeing your latest!

  23. Hi Sheryl - I am having fun with the aquapasto and am loving the results.

    I'd wondered where you were - hope you're ok and all is well *hugs* xx

  24. Pat your work is excellent, and I agree with you on the use of merge aquapasto, I know pretty certain that it applies to balance. It was fantastic light work in the pears with the use of complementary Bravo!


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