Sunday, 24 July 2011

Its All about Art - and a Kitchen !

Yesterday I went to an art event in London, run by the Society for All Artists - called Its All about Art. Held at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

There were demonstrations by professional artists, workshops in which you could try your hand at various techniques. They all lasted about three quarters of an hour each.
Spread over two floors, there were also a multitude of trade stands, selling all sorts of product, from paint to mediums, to mount cutters and framing kits.

It was a fun day. I was there from 10am - 4 pm and enjoyed it thoroughly. Sat in on a few demos and workshops and  bought some dvds and books - and a Longridge mount cutter. Seriously impressed with that.

Got a few pics for you.

Missy, wanting to go too ...

Me,  ready for the off.

a workshop in progress

a finished demo painting

and some artists with their demo pics.

oh - and something for all of you to try, should you so wish!
A very  warm and caring artist, Dee Cowell, gave me a leaflet about her website, which has over 50 FREE lessons in watercolour, drawing, acrylic and oils.
Free written notes too -and free support and critiques from the tutor.
She understands not all regions of the world have easy access to painting classes or clubs - so she made this website. For those of you who have kids, there is a section for them too :)
Free Art lessons HERE
Dee Cowell's own site HERE

Now for the Kitchen tale.

For the next two weeks, we are having a kitchen re-fit.
The old is being stripped out completely and the new will be in and finished, I am promised by the 8th August.
So I shan't be around very much in that time.
I am already looking forward to seeing your blogs after its all done.
Take care  - - and see you soon.


  1. That sounds and looks like a fabulous art event! And great to see your new hairdo! ;-)
    Good luck with the kitchen fitting! Take care! Now I'm going to take a look at Dee Cowell's sites, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello, Pat! You brought good news. Here nobody even talks about watercolor, so I love the idea of Dee's sites, thanks so much.I also want to tell you each time I look my Missy I remember yours and I think she will recover too!!

    Hope everything goes well and you have a new kitchen soon.xx

  3. Thanks for the links...Seth and I really could use some help in this area!!

    Poor Missy...I am sure she missed you.

    Enjoy watching your kitchen transform!

  4. Hello,Pat,
    I smiled at Missy & YOU!! Thank you for nice photos. Renovation is not easy. Hope everything goes well. Take it easy.

  5. Pat, I wish I'd known that was on, I might have popped down! Glad you had an enjoyable day anyway. Good luck with the kitchen - been there done that but need to do it now in this place! I'll 'talk' to you again when I'm back from Darsit (sic).

  6. Nice to meet you. Lovely picture of you. Good luck with the kitchen. Is chaotic for a while, but then you have superb kitchen. See you in 2 weeks.

  7. Thanks everyone!
    It warms my heart to think the links are going to be of use to some of you :)
    Take care, see you in a couple of weeks, God bless xx

  8. Glad you got so much from that art seminar day you went to - I love events like that but don't get to attend many living so far from civilization as I do:-)
    Hope the kitchen project goes as planned(!) and no surprises, just a beautiful new room for you to enjoy.

  9. That sounds like a very fun event, too bad Missy didn't get to go.
    That is very generous of Dee to offer free art lessons. I'll have to check it out
    Have fun with the kitchen make over.

  10. For some reason I thought you were based in America! I wish I'd known about the event because I would have gone too as Im only and hour and a half away from London by train :0)
    Before you go - you should check out my lates post (7 links) because your name is on it and I'm sure you will want to read it :0)

  11. Loved your pics and good luck with the new kitchen! I did mine a few years ago and it was a big headache. Have fun, Pat! xoxo

  12. Hi Pat,
    Events with art is always very good, and I was thrilled with joy just here to see the photos. I'm glad you participated and helped them much.
    Of course I'll visit the Dee Cowell, thanks for sharing.
    A big hug!!!

  13. What a fun way to spend the day, and learn some things also!
    Great photos!

  14. What a great art place to visit.. Loved the pic of Missy, BTW Angie is so much better.
    Good luck with your kitchen re do.. been there, but did all the work ourselves,, never again !!!
    thanks for the link to the lessons. will go there right now... hugs BJ


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