Saturday, 9 July 2011

Picnic Sets - the range.

You remember I had some picnic sets made, using the photos of Spotty and Missy?

I also had some others made, but couldn't show you because they were presents!
Now they have all been delivered and enjoyed, I'd like you to see the others.

Hillbilly Handiworks - who made the picnic sets has made a blog about them all - so I am going to direct you there to see all of the photos . Go HERE to view.

and I shall just show you one of the presents :)

How did she do it?
I sent her a photo of my painting via email  and somehow she transferred it on to fabric and made this picnic keepsake. Such a unique gift!

You can have any photo you like transformed in this way. A favourite holiday snap, a meaningful painting, a child - or like I did too, this one of my darling dog, Missy!

I hope you enjoy your visit to Hillbilly's blog - its well worth the trip :)
Pat xx


  1. Wow, Pat,
    Very nice and cute!! You're so clever!
    Cheers, Sadami

  2. ah Sadami - I only came up with the idea - I needed someone clever in fabric to make it come true :)

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Nice colourful picnic sets Pat and isn't your friend creative and clever? Will Missy have her own set with her favourite picture of Mum and Dad on perhaps ;)

  4. What lovely gifts - I bet the recipients were really pleased. I had a look at the link to Hillbilly and I love them all but especially the tractor one because it works so well with the fabric. Such a good idea !

  5. She did it very good. Really beautiful and lovely presents.

  6. A delightful present and original items! Arianna

  7. I looked at all these goodies this morning and had a look over at Tonya's blog.... so I forgot to post a comment. Really amazing what she makes, great gifts!

  8. I just love those. that first one is really pretty

  9. Thanks everyone !
    They really are lovely and all the recipients have been delighted.
    Missy passed on one with us, Michael - she'd prefer the weight in treats :lol:

  10. Well, it seems I came late!! But I had to see those picnic sets, I like the one with Missy, so cute!!!xx

  11. I enjoyed reading these comments. Thanks for posting. It made my day!



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