Sunday, 19 February 2012

Blog posts and Word verification

oh my! I'm in trouble.
Blogger has changed its word verification  and the new one is dreadful!
If you haven't seen one, Ann has an example on her blog HERE

I'm really struggling to read them.
I do try and comment on all the blogs I follow, but this is making me give up.
My aging eyes can't cope with it.

I dumped word before, in favour of moderation. I understand that isn't suitable for some, hopefully with all the complaints Blogger will restore word veri to the old version.
If not, I apologise in advance for not commenting .

Before anyone asks, my spectacle prescription is up to date!!! :)

have a happy Sunday...............

and here's one of my photos for you to enjoy


  1. Ann, I have written about this very subject on my post .. last night

    I don't even want to comment any more after having to do this . I never did have word verification on my blog .. and glad now that I didn't .. I'll post this if I can read the captcha ... BJ

  2. I had to chuckle, know just what you mean about the new word verification, I go through a lot of them before I get one that I can do. Thank goodness they have that little revolving arrow button to give me a new choice of words, maybe I'll have to start using their 'voice' option :-)

    What a great macro shot, feels like an abstract

  3. no capcha on this blog, BJ!

    Glad you like the micro shot, Bren - it does look abstract, that's why I love this new digi microscope! xx

  4. Te comprendo, a mí me pasa lo mismo, espero que lo solucionen rápido.

  5. Nice photo!
    And word veri... here is another one who feels old for not able to decode the words! :) I had some lucky guesses. I may change to moderation too. Glad you managed to comment on my blog, thanks!
    Happy Sunday, Pat!

  6. thanks Juan! I'm hoping they fix it quickly too.

  7. Judy, you were lucky I did!
    I log on and reply to a whole day's worth at a time. Yours was the first, and not to be beaten , I enlarged it by 5 times and that was easier. After going through 10 blogs, I was at the end of my tether with commenting and wrote this post! Not good when I follow over 200 blogs :) xx

  8. I agree whole heartedly, I have vision problems, well I'm blind in one eye and the other partial but thats not what my main trouble is, from my head injury I screw letters up transferring from one pageto another.
    I smiled when you said your prescription is up to date,,

  9. Can't begin to imagine how awful that is for you, Laurie. My husband is dyslexic and he can't cope with them!

    Glad I made you smile :) xx

  10. I know what you mean Pat, I've changed my settings, so could I just ask you to pop over and let me know how it is working, is it easier or do I need to change it again!

  11. Love your photo, Pat. HATE the new word verification! I think everyone has trouble with them, not just us mature people. If I can't make out the first [or second or third] one, I click on the box till one comes up that I can read. Whose "brilliant" idea was it to change the rules???

  12. Pat , you are not alone having problems in trying to 'interpret' these terrible words, it is really frustrating. I hope they soon invent something else!

  13. thanks, friends. So glad its not just me!
    Ann, will pop over now xx

  14. I hate these too and sad to say I may also not comment on blogs who use these. I can't seem to see them that much either and after three times trying I just give up.

  15. pat,que bonita foto,dominas este arte estupendamente,como la pintura,felicidades.un beso.conchi.

  16. Thankfully some of the blogs that I read who have word verification have dropped it. The worst part for me is that if I can't see it the voice option isn't any help either because I can't hear worth a darn :)
    Thanks for the mention.

  17. Yes, word verification has gotten harder. However, I've read that only the first word is crucial; the second is more forgiving. Try it and let me know if that works.

    I love the photo.

  18. Your micro photos are just amazing!

    Comments are way way down,that is for sure!

  19. Nope, not just you! And I don't think it's just the 'mature' readers having difficulties either. I have no idea what Blogger was thinking!
    Wonderful close up!

  20. This word verification is really scrap. Hard to read. I simply turned it off, because I thought that without word verification, can not be that bad. But I was immediately bombarded with spam. So I had to turn it on again.

  21. Its an ongoing nightmare.
    I wouldn't want spam either, that's why I moderate everything.

    I've been checking the blogger help forum and many are so disheartened by this, because all their comments are way down.

    I'm not surprised, if you follow only 100 blogs can you imagine doing that for each and every one?

    Most of the blogs I follow all have close to 300 followers. Can you imagine commenting on that number of blogs with a two word captcha?

    I don't know what the answer is. I hope blogger fix it soon.
    I'm still reading but not commenting. It feels sad to me too :(

  22. Like Elsbeth, I turned it off and got bombarded with spam. Since I have set my preferences to Moderate for posts over 6 days old, most of the spam never shows up. But still I look at each one and either publish it or mark it spam. Many of these comments are in other languages, but if they contain a URL, I figure they are spam.

  23. Ohh digital microscope - how exciting!! Lovely photo
    I want one. Photographing my fuzzies is smething that drives me mad!!


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