Monday, 6 February 2012

Visitor and a place to visit!

We've got a visitor this week!
One of my friends from Devon has come to stay for a week.
Missy is so excited

I think she's hoping that's someone new to throw ball for her! 

So this week I shan't be around much  .

However, I wanted to tell you about a wonderful artist blogger who paints the most wonderful horses. Here name is Maria and you can find her blog HERE
She's a vet who's also an artist - how cool is that?

Her love of animals is immense too - her latest piece of art will benefit horse rescue. 
Please do go have a look at her blog - and I shall see you again next week.
ta-ta for now xx


  1. Enjoy your week with your friend, Pat! I know Maria's blog, her horses are fabulous!

  2. Missy does look excited. Enjoy the visit with your friend

  3. What cute pictures! Have fun!

  4. Have a wonderful visit! See you soon!

  5. I hope you enjoy the visit Pat :0)

  6. Oh is this a cutie, Have a wonderful time.. see you soon .
    hugs BJ


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