Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Painting and Sketching

It seems like forever since I posted a painting.
Today isn't going to change that.
I do have a painting I'm working on, but the progress is slow due to the emotional attachment.

Six years ago I lost my first dog, Spotty. She was a rescue we adopted at 18 months old and she lived to be 18 years old. I loved her immensely. Still do.

 This is her photo on a picnic set that Tonya from  Hillbilly Handiworks made for me.

In honour of her, I offered to "paint the Spots" on a jack russell forum I belonged to. (Jack Russells Online, owned by Bill Tomei, r.i.p.)   The bronze, silver and gold of beloved dogs who were adopted, and the bronze, silver and gold of the dogs belonging to that dedicated band of people who rescue dogs.

Five portraits were done within a couple of months. The sixth is the one I am currently working on. The rescuer involved is Suzy, who runs "Saving Georgia Dogs" . Sadly she's kept so busy it took her til now to photo and send the pics of her two dogs.  So that's what I'm working on and its bringing back all sorts of memories.

I'm also keeping up with the sketch-a-day challenge. The finish line is 75 sketches. We're in the thirties now :)
For this lot, I swapped to a coloured background and an inked subject.  Fast sketching at 3 minutes, then stopping - finished or not!   Wonder if I'll ever paint this fast? :)


  1. You have been busy, Pat! That is a lot of dog portraits! Looking forward to seeing them. And sketching every day is a good idea, your sketches are great!

  2. Hi Pat, I think you are very brave painting a subject that means so much to you. Love your sketches for the sketch a day challenge and really like how you put the different coloured backgrounds in, they really stand out with the ink, brilliant!

  3. Hi Judy. I'm only working on the last one now. The others were all done years ago :)
    The sketching daily is more of a challenge than I thought! xx

    Thanks Ann.
    I love painting dogs, but this one whilst it isn't my dog, is bringing back such memories it makes me catch my breath. you know .
    The wash background for the sketches was an idea courtesy of one of my Painting Friends, Tricia xx

  4. Hai Pat. I know exactly how it feels to loose such a great friend! I know for sure you can see it in the portrait you loved him very much!
    Your sketches are amazing! I hope you show us some more!

  5. Hard to loose such a great friend, Renate. We were blessed that love of Spotty sent us in search of another to help - and we found darling Missy.

    Glad you like the sketches xx

  6. The daily sketches are really great! Don't discount the importance of drawing every day like that, even when you don't have a finished painting to show... I think that drawing practice is SO invaluable to your artwork in the long run. And you are very good at drawing! It's fun to see what's on your mind each day, and how the drawings change from one day to the next.

  7. I totally empathise with you, for as you know we have recently suffered the same loss. She is still in my thoughts for much of my time :0(
    Anyway, I love the sketches. And the FAST sketches are always the best!

  8. Hi Pat, you are working hardly but the results are becoming better and better, I like yours fast sketches, this is an exercise that I should do too. Hugs.

  9. Ditto to what Anns said. And these cute sketches looks really cute. Looking forward to seeing the portraits. take care..

  10. Pat, Spotty looks like she was an absolute charmer! I feel that way about Sweetie, my 2nd horse; we were together for 20 years.
    Good for you for the paintings of the rescue dogs. Wonderful!
    Your ink and wash sketches are beautiful. They seem to get right to the essence of the subject - lone them!

  11. It IS a long time since you posted anything, but very understandable under these circumstances. Good you keep your hands in training doing lovely sketches. xx

  12. I'm sure your new painting will be very special, with all the thoughts and feelings put into it.

    Glad you like the idea of the background washes and ink. It
    works so well I think.

  13. I never realized how hard it is to loose a 'fur baby' until we lost Sammy, our golden. It's been almost two years and I still can't bring muself to even THINK about getting another. I can understand your attachment to the painting.
    Your sketches are great! Hard to acomplish in just three minutes! Good for you!

  14. We lost our Mandy several years ago and we still feel the pain. She was with us for over 16 years. Bless you Pat.

  15. I can see how the paintings would be a bit of an emotional challenge. It's so sad when we lose our furry ones.
    I love all your sketches.

  16. Ciao Pat, what nice idea to work for gratitude for who loves and assist the dogs!
    I head a dog, Vega (was the name) that leave this world about 3 years ago and I think her also now.
    I think you can prepare all desin necessary.
    Ciao, un abbraccio, Floriana

  17. Hugs to you. I know it is hard to lose your baby, and those memories just pop up. I stopped at Dawg's painting just today, and stood there and stared, and missed him. sigh.

    Your sketches are just grand! Wow!

    I am making progress on the cushion covers. I was not happy with the originals, and threw 6 out of the 8 away. Yes I did! Thats why they are taking so long. But I am very happy with the new batch. :)

  18. Thanks, Katherine. I'm enjoying the faster sketches more now, because its keeping my eye in, without taking up too much time - unlike the thinking of what to sketch! :) xx

    I do know, Sandra. *hugs*
    Its a horrid, painful loss and it still affects me now, though not as raw as it was. How do I know that? Its taken me a fortnight to paint the last in the honour paintings and I could paint no other. Now its done, I started two new at art club last night.
    For love of Spot we adopted Missy, giving another rescue a chance. Best thing we did :) xx

    Thank you Tito. Glad you can see an improvement xx

  19. Thank you, Prabal. Spot taught us - love is better shared. Hence me thanking the others by painting their dogs. Glad you like the sketches too :) xx

    Thanks, Kathryn. Spotty was adorable, everyone who met her loved her, but she only had eyes for me. Sweetie touched your heart the same way, I know *hugs*
    Glad you like the sketches xx

    Thanks Jane - and now it is done, normality is coming back. Funny how we get affected by love, isn't it? :) xx

  20. I hope so, Tricia. It was painted with love and whatever the technical skill, I hope that carries it through :)
    Your idea for the bg washes was a masterstroke - thank you xx

    Do you know, RCW , I couldn't bear to be in the house without a dog - and when out I couldn't bear to come back to an empty house. We brought Missy home three weeks after Spotty died and it was the best thing we could have done, for us and for her! Though I do know that's not right for everyone, it helped us. xx

    *hugs* Willow. Love leaves its mark. Take care xx

  21. Thanks, Ann. it is indeed very sad, but I try to remember all the love. That's the best part xx

    oh Floriana, they touch our hearts in such a way. *hugs* for you too xx

    You know it Tonya! I'm glad you have the portrait of Dawg to ease the pain.
    I know when those covers come, they'll be the best ever! xx

  22. Pat- thanks for posting the sketches, it is amazing how much can be done in 3 minutes! Am looking forward to seeing the painting also!

  23. Nice sketches, lovely those drops of colours! Arianna


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