Monday, 20 February 2012

Year of Painting, Grapes.

on the Painting Friends forum we're on the eleventh of the twelve monthly paintings for our year of painting. (YOP)

Year of Painting (YOP)
Number Eleven, Grapes

Personal Goals for this Painting:

to paint the reference photo and paint as reasonably realistic without adding my own particular inventive stamp to it.
After having made up my own still life in the last YOP, which was such a high, painting a given subject felt almost anti-climactic. I honestly felt like I'd run out of steam with this YOP.

Summer in France

Challenges Faced
The main challenge I felt was motivating myself to paint this one.
I decided to try a three colour swish background to this one and take it from there.
I added an extra bunch of grapes to the lower part of the painting, because I didn't want to paint the exact photo – and I left out some leaves and another bunch from the left hand side.

Share Personal Goals and whether you felt you Met Them
My personal goal was to make the painting when I in no way felt creative about it.
This I did – and then something wonderful happened.
The very next day after it was finished, I looked at my end painting and thought, I wonder if I could make that loose?

So I sat down with a quarter sheet of paper, reminding myself this is cheaper than a Costa Coffee and much more fun and I set to play. I really didn't know or care if I'd have a finished painting worth showing at the end.
Did I play? Yes I did. Here is the result, you can decide if it was worth showing you.

Fruits of the Vine

How I created the Paintings.
Summer in France – I'll show you in pictures!

Fruits of the Vine - two pics, the first was big brush dollops of wash placed roughly where the colours would be, then using a spray bottle to push the paint around. Left to dry, it looked like this.

After adding some loose-ish detail, it looks like this!

and here is where I confess, my sternest critic helped me with the painting of Fruits :) 

Size of Painting, Medium, Palette and Brushes.

The paintings are on Arches 140 Rough and are Summer, 12x11, Fruits, 15 x 11
The medium is pencil for the under drawing and watercolour for the painting.
W&N artists quality paint.
Palette colours used : transparent yellow, aliz crimson, french ultramarine, sap green, sepia.
Brushes: round 12, round 6, round 2.


  1. Fab fruits! I like the first one, nicely painted. And then I came to the second one: wow! Fun fun fun and a great painting at the end! Love it! xx

  2. Truly lovely paintings Pat and so good to see the WIP ... thank you! I do love your wee dog! :)

  3. thanks, Judy :)
    glad you liked them both and could see the fun in the second :) xx

    Thank you Ingrid,
    Glad you enjoyed the WIP and the darling Missy! xx

  4. Hello Pat:) What a different paintings. The first one is very nice but compared with the second it looks a little boring. I love the way you did the second. Very free painted. Nice jobxx

  5. Hi Pat, both are beautiful, but my preference is for the second one, I like the movement and variety of colors. Great job!

  6. Hi Renate,

    they are different! When hubby and I were looking at them yesterday, we thought the first was "quiet" and the second more "party" :) xx

    Thanks, Tito.
    Its my favourite also, but my hubby prefers the more quiet of the two! xx

  7. Love these paintings and how you showed the process plus the colours used.. it's so nice to know what other people use (esp. if there's a colour I don't have..and then, of course, it's my MUST Still to find YOP in PF, but I feel a bit more familier with the site now.

  8. WOW! Pat, your 2nd, inspired painting is wonderful!! What a difference between the two. And, of course, listen to that brilliant critic you have there. :)

  9. lovely paintings. In the one it looks like it's done in layers. It just pops right off the page

  10. Thanks for sharing the steps Pat. I like both , but my favorite is the second one where you are having fun , so much more spontaneous. Beautiful work. xx

  11. You've done a great job on both Pat, but I must say I'm partial to the looser second one..
    And then there is Missy.! thanks for her picture, and yes I miss my Angie oh so much. BJ

  12. They are both lovely, but I must admit I like Fruits of the Vine the best. Well done, Pat!

  13. Pat, your style is so much more evident in #2, playful with bursts of color! Nice work!

  14. Such lovely juicy looking grapes! But I like the second one the best because there is more variety in the colours, which makes it so much more interesting. Beautiful! :0)

  15. They are both just lovely Pat. I love the way you can be both realistic and spontaneous with the same subject. :)

  16. These are great paintings Pat, but you don't fool me. I think Missy painted these and you are just trying to take the credit. Well done Missy!!! ;-)

  17. I am glad that you took something that didn't really excite you, finished it, and then took that and decided to 'have a play'. The result was fab, so all in all..your YOP was a huge success this month!

  18. They are both beautiful. But the second one for me is lovelier.

  19. Thanks, Ann. The YOPs are in the "Join Us" challenge section :) xx

    Thanks, Kathryn. My outer critic is never wrong :lol: xx

    thank you Ann. Glad you enjoyed the paintings xx

  20. Thanks Jane! Spontaneous is me :) xx

    Thanks BJ. Second is my fave too.
    I know how much you must be missing Angie, I still remember the pain of losing my first, Spotty *hugs*

    Thanks Robin. Its the universal favourite so far! xx

  21. Thanks, Dora. I've been visiting your blog and reading, but sadly the captcha is too tough on my eyes now they've changed it :( xx

    Thanks Sandra!
    Would you believe they're the same colours, just a variation in the mix? :) xx

    Thanks Crystal. I'm never sure if diverse is good or if I ought to have a recognisable "me" style! xx

  22. John, I can't believe it - BUSTED! hahahhaa xx

    Thanks, Tonya! Glad you think it was a success :) xx

    Thank you Cora.
    I too think they're both beautiful - yet the second is my fave too :) xx

  23. Dear Pat
    Your Fruits of the Vine is wonderful
    Best wishes

  24. It will became a fabulous wine! And thanks to Missy ;) Arianna

  25. Wonderful work Pat. Love them both. The backgrounds are perfect.


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