Saturday, 4 February 2012

For love of Spot

Painting the Spots

A gift from God, you came to me,
My darling little Spot
You made me laugh, you made me love
You made me proud - a lot! 

You taught me much, my darling Spot
I remember to this day
That love's a wonderful thing to have,
But better still to give away.

I painted these pictures, my gorgeous girl
That all should know the love
A rescue dog can bring to them
Like you, my friend above.

There'll come a day we'll meet again
What joy that will surely be
I hope when that day comes, my love
You'll be just as proud of me.

This is the final painting in the Painting the Spots series:

Nalah and Mollie

and the others who were painted are:




Hope and Jade

Wishie and Heidi


For an explanation of "Painting the Spots" please see previous post. 


  1. pat love the simplicity of penny scrappy and spot .

  2. What a lovely poem to go with your painting, (you didn't warn me I needed to get some kleenex whilst I read it!)- love all the paintings, you have a great style and gift for doing these.

  3. What a wonderful exhibition of dog paintings, Pat! And a moving poem! I'm not going to choose a favourite, they are all precious!

  4. Thanks, Jane! xx

    Sorry Ann, forgot the tissue warning :)
    Glad you like them all :) xx

    Thank you Judy.
    Glad you liked the poem and yes, you are right - all the dogs are precious. xx

  5. What a beautiful paintings Pat and a very emotional poem.
    Best wishes,

  6. Thanks Erik, glad you liked them xx

  7. Hi Pat, what a lovely series of dog paintings and what emotional are your words, dedicated to Spot. Hugs!

  8. Thank you Tito.
    Spotty was very special to me, my first dog and a very big love.
    The paintings were done to honour those who rescue, and those who adopt rescues -as I did with Spot. xx

  9. Dear Pat, you've brought tears to my eyes!
    What an amazing set of paintings. They are all so beautiful and I know, like you, how our beloved friends leave such precious memories. We never forget each and every one! Bless you. xx

  10. Hai Pat; thank you for make me almost crying reading your poem. I already was very emotional because this morning I rescued a cat wich was deaf and blind, very cold and hungry. I have waited outside more than an hour for the animalrescue but it gave me such a good feeling I had to cry.
    I love your paintings! I can see you are a great animal lover! You have putted al your feelings in the paintings. For that I like you very much! xx

  11. I love them all. That is such a sweet poem too

  12. Pat what wonderful tributes to special furry friends. Well done and heart felt.

  13. Ciao Pat, what fantastic gallery of nice dogs. It is better than the film "la carica dei 101". Have you seen that film?
    Ciao, a presto, Floriana

  14. Oh Pat, these are wonderful! I just adore this series, and the perfect poem to fit. So nice to see the tribute to the rescue groups, warms the heart.

  15. Pat, you seemed to have captured these cuties' portraits at their most loving moments!

  16. Thanks, June. I know you know how they touch your heart, each and every one xx

    Renate, what a kind and loving act you did for the cat. God bless you .
    You are a great animal lover, like me xx

    Thanks Ann. Glad you enjoyed the paintings and the poem xx

  17. Thanks, Bren. They are heartfelt indeed, there's a piece of me in every one xx

    Thanks, Floriana. Better than 101 Dalmatians! Praise indeed. It might be a time before I make it to 101 Jack Russells :) xx

  18. Thanks Maria.
    I know how you feel about rescue groups too. I hope your post about the horses helps a lot xx

    Thanks Dora. Anyone who has a jack knows how loving they can be, and what love they inspire. So glad you liked the paintings xx

  19. sweet little faces! I love them all!

  20. Lovely dogs :) good Sunday, Arianna xx

  21. Such a touching poem. I love all your dog portraits, really shows your love for them. xx

  22. hola pat,que poema tan hermoso,casi me hace llorar,la persona que tiene una mascota,perro o gato u otro cualquiera,entenderà que se les quiere como a uno màs de la familia,las pinturas son preciosas,los modelos guapisìmos.muchos besos.conchi.

  23. Pat, those are wonderful dog paintings! I really like the poem too.

  24. Lovely paintings, Pat! You've really caught their personalities!
    And a very touching poem.

  25. Pat, you do paint those Jack Russells with love!!! :)

  26. Lots of emotions in these works. Fabulous.

  27. Pat, what can I say? We totally bond with these creatures and it has only been 2 weeks that I've lost my Angie girl.. Not something we get over ... hugs to you BJ

  28. Me gustan todos, admirables trabajos y admirable también tu cariño por los modelos.
    Un saludo

  29. Thank you Pat. You really touched my heart today.

  30. Pat...These dogs have a fun aspect, I like a lot : )

  31. I am finally catching up. Had 900 posts in my reader and am down to 288...

    Anyway, I LOVE these pups. Jerry might get transferred soon. My next house will allow babies. That's all there is to it.

  32. This is stunning Pat! Beautiful post!


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