Sunday, 17 June 2012

Missy's slot and an intro

Good morning all.

Never far from my side is the faithful Missy.
Here she is, wanting to be near whilst I had the easel set up indoors and made a start on a waterlily painting. She's just adorable and I feel blessed that she shares my life.

This is what the painting looks like, close up.

No drawing at this point, and no masking either. Just a white space in the shape of a lily, left unpainted. More progress paintings next week :)

and then I wanted to introduce you to a painter you may not have come across before. His name is Ross Lynem and he paints the most beautiful, colourful art. Take a look at his blog HERE .

He is a North Light featured artist - and every brush stroke shows me why!  One day, when finances allow, I'd love to own a piece of his work. Do go over and take a look, you'll enjoy his painting, I'm sure.


  1. Looking forward to the finished painting, it looks promising! I'll take a look at Ross's blog. A hug for Missy!

  2. Pat, Ross has been a blogfriend of mine for a few years now.. his work is so amazing, I can never get over it..
    Looking at your waterlily reminds me that I postd (somewhere else) the first watercolor I ever did. and that was the same method. Negative painting.. needless to say it was quite amateur, but I was getting the idea !! BJ

  3. Hello Pat:) I think Missy thinks that you are painting her? She is such an adorable dog!
    I've been on Ross his blog and I'm in! Beautiful art he makes. Love it. And 2 lovely dogs he has!
    Thank you for showing me around. I'm waiting for your lily! Have a nice sunday!

  4. I understand you so well, I feel the same about my pets. Missy looks adorable here and I think she also feels blessed to have you, Pat.
    Thanks for the link, Ross L's blog worths a visit.

    I like everytime you show a step-by-step,I'll be waiting for the finished painting! xx

  5. Hello dear Pat,
    So lovely to see your Missy. She looks such a little dear. I still miss my boy so much. We are going up to Sally's for tea in a bit. Looking forward to seeing your water lily take shape.
    June xx

  6. Pat, I'm so glad you're posting with Missy again. To tell the truth, I'd missed hearing about her. Your waterlily looks great already, with those soft drizzles of color. And I just visited Ross' blog, and signed up. His art is wonderful!!! Thank you for directing me to his site. :) xx

  7. Nice to see the start of this painting, and Oh Missy is so sweet, give her a hug from me.

  8. Good start. Thank you for introducing us to Ross Lynem. I especially loved Gigi. Missy, as always, is a love.

  9. sweet Missy. Duke is the same way. If he can't convince me to play he will follow me and just sit quietly and watch me do what I'm doing

  10. What a wonderful artist. Thanks for the link, I enjoyed browsing his site.
    Can’t wait to see your finished lily!

  11. I will go visit his blog. I still enjoy art blogs. Quilting blogs have taken up too much of my time and I really think they've kind of put a damper in my creativity. I think soon you will see my artsy side coming through very loud and clear. I've spent time learning how to make things so much better. I sure would like to re-do every single thing I've ever made for you. No machine applique. All hand. I am doing so much better now with that now!


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